Katie Packer: Winner

You may not know who Katie Packer is, but she is one of the few people who stepped up, raised money, and effectively spent it taking on Donald Trump.

Katie Packer has run the Our Principles PAC effort, which is sponsoring The Resurgent this week. The PAC set up a website called Trump Questions and, using that site, let Donald Trump speak as voters have not heard him.

Data has shown that when Trump is attacked, his voters just lock down harder for him. But when, instead of attacking Trump, voters just hear him in his own words directly contradicting everything he says, not only do some voters flee Trump, but undecided voters immediately decide against Trump.

In Iowa, Katie Packer’s Our Principles PAC aired 4 television ads and ran radio ads against Trump. The organization mailed six mail pieces to targeted audiences amounting to 350,000 pieces of mail. Voter guides were prepared detailing Donald Trump’s long history of supporting liberal causes. 284,000 voters were called to educate them on Trump’s positions. Digital advertising microtargeted Iowa voters with over 3 million views and over 400,000 Facebook video views. Last, but not least, Our Principles PAC put out a full page ad against Trump.

The data last night points to how successful Katie Packer was. Voter turnout was a record setting 180,000 people. Pundits had said that would help Trump. Instead, it worked against him. The voter influx was not generated by brand new voters, but by existing Republicans turning out in massive numbers to stop Trump. Undecided voters broke decisively against Trump in large part due to education efforts about Trump.

The Our Principles PAC effort was money well spent. My understanding is that the effort is only going to escalate from here on out as voters in New Hampshire and South Carolina begin making up their minds.

Katie Packer deserves a huge thank you for designing the only outside effort other than the Club For Growth’s effort, to help shut down Donald Trump. You can contribute to Our Principles PAC’s efforts to stop Donald Trump by going here.

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