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Keep an Eye on These People as Canaries in the Coal Mine

I appreciate that people are tuning in to my radio show and reading The Resurgent. Traffic here, for a seven month old site, is better than I had hoped. But I’m solidly anti-Trump and while I still have a lot to say about the future of conservatism and the GOP, there are some canaries in the coal mine I think it worth paying attention to.

Now, before I start naming names, let me be clear I don’t mean anything negative. It’s just there are some people out there who are better at being team players than me when it comes to Trump. They want to try to help the party still. And I think if you start to notice them either ignoring Trump or putting up firewalls between themselves and Trump, you’ll know the party really is over for Trump and we’re moving on.

Hugh Hewitt is an obvious one. He’s got great analysis and insight and is the quintessential team player. He wanted a replacement for Trump and, when there was none, signed on with the team.

Byron York at the Washington Examiner is another. He is definitely inclined to be with the GOP in both his coverage and analysis of things. He has, in my opinion, given far more latitude to Trump and the GOP in his coverage than I think I ever could. But Byron, like the others here, is not in the tank for anyone and is willing to call out the B.S. as it happens. When things go south, it’ll be reflected in Byron’s writings.

Ari Fleischer is someone I feel badly for on a daily basis. He helped author the autopsy report after 2012. Every day we see the GOP from Reince to Trump blow up every bit of the analysis. The GOP is turning inward, is more isolationist, is more virulently anti-immigration and protectionist, and is turning off young people. All the things Ari and the others who helped with the autopsy think the party needs are not happening. The opposite is happening. But Ari is a Republican team player and in the “Not Hillary” camp. He’s been rah-rah’ing Trump showing his party loyalty. Once his tweets begin to ignore Campaign 2016 or turn against Trump, that will be a big warning sign.

Alex Castellanos is in Ari’s boat. He liked Trump more than Cruz, but finally realized Trump was a disaster and now is helping with a Trump Super PAC. If anyone could put a positive veneer on the Trump campaign, it is Alex. He’s masterful at his job. And when Alex can no longer, with a straight face, say everything is well with Trump, you will probably have to start worrying about the down ballot fall out too.

These four gentlemen are some of the best in the business and are trying, in this brave new world of ours, to put forward the best of the GOP and conservatism and, when possible, Trump. When they have a harder and harder time doing this, the show is absolutely over.

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