FILE - In this Dec. 8, 2015 file photo, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Calif. speaks with a reporter on Capitol Hill in Washington. McCarthy said Tuesday, April 26, 2016, that Congress will not act to help debt-ridden Puerto Rico ahead of a May 1 deadline when nearly half-a-billion dollars in bond payments come due. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Kevin McCarthy Backed Candidate, Drew Ferguson, Accuses Conservatives of Supporting Cop Killings

Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, has thrown his weight behind Drew Ferguson, a liberal Republican in Georgia’s Third Congressional District. He and a bunch of lobbyists threw a fundraiser for Drew Ferguson at the Capitol Hill Club the other day and did so quietly. The lobbyist community in DC is backing Ferguson against conservative Mike Crane.

Ferguson, before the sun went up this morning and while the blood was still drying in the streets of Dallas, started running an advertisement accusing conservatives of backing cop killings. That is how desperate he is to win his race.

The issue stems from his opponent, Mike Crane, opposing no knock warrants. Crane’s position is that an individual has a right to protect his home and should not be liable for firing shots if someone storms into his home, even if it is the police. There have been multiple instances in Georgia where police stormed through the front door of the wrong address and innocent people were killed.

Crane’s position is the conservative position in defense of the castle doctrine. Ferguson takes the position that the police should be allowed to kick in the front door of any home, even the wrong home, and homeowners can be arrested for trying to defend their home even if they don’t know it is the police storming through.

In a pretty desperate bid now, Ferguson started airing commercials this very morning attacking Mike Crane and conservatives for supporting cop killing.

The House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, is supporting a man who accuses conservatives of supporting killing cops. That is sick.

Please consider supporting Mike Crane for Congress.

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