Kids are awesome

Evelyn comes streaking through my office and sees a onesie with airplanes and fire trucks on it.

Evelyn: Heeyyyyyyy, Daddy. I wanna wear this for my nap.

Me: Evie that’s not yours.

Evelyn: Whose is it?

Me: That’s your baby brother’s.

Evelyn: I have a baby brother? Heeeyyyyyyy, mommy. Daddy says I have a baby brother.

Christy: You do, but he’s not here yet. God hasn’t finished making him.

Evelyn: Daddy, mommy says my baby brother not here yet, so I wear this for my nap.


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  • A Boy! HAHA. I told you that you could have mine. I have a World Champion of Ippon Kumite for 2008 so I’ll keep him but you can borrow these for the practice. Evelyn’s going to be alot of help, you will have so much more to type about!