Killing Lefty Roaches

Ken Tomlinson, a good and decent man, made a terrible mistake. He turned on the lights at PBS expecting the roaches to do as roaches do — scurry. The roaches scurried alright, right up to Capitol Hill where they found Bettilou Taylor, the wife of Domenic Ruscio, a lobbyist for the Association of Public Television Stations. Tomlinson had not intended his turning on the lights to be a mistake, and Republicans in general and conservatives in particular should applaud and encourage Tomlinson’s continued quest to drive the roaches out of the house.

The entrenched leftism in public broadcasting and its corrupting power on Capitol Hill was reported today by Robert Novak. Tomlinson is getting flack for hiring two consultants to “challenge the liberal preserve” at PBS. In a twist of irony, the staff director of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees funding for public television is Bettilou Taylor, the wife of Domenic Ruscio, “a former Carter administration official, [who] for many years has represented the Association of Public Television Stations, receiving $60,000 a year. He has been trying to pack the nine- member CPB with four from the public television community that the board presumably is overseeing.”

With that much entrenched clout on Capitol Hill tugging on the puppet strings connected to Senator Arlen Spector, there was and is no way for Tomlinson to get a fair hearing. But, his quest is worthy of support. The patent leftism reflected in the broadcasts at PBS are one sided, distorted views of reality. The left claims Tomlinson is trying to censor PBS. In fact, Tomlinson is trying to get the left to stop censoring content on PBS and open its broadcasts to more views than the far left propaganda of censorious cretins like Bill Moyers.

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  • How can anybody in America complain about the left wing? The US is so far right Pinochet would have blushed.

  • You’re right, the US is farther to the right than the left. The comlplaint is that even though most are to the right all the media is always to the left.