Kit Carson, requiescat in pace

I did not know Kit Carson well, but the “H.R.” of the Rush Limbaugh Show and I have traded emails for years.

He would send me emails of things Rush had said, then news articles he thought I should write about, then an email friendship struck up at which point I felt comfortable bombarding him with subtle hints I should fill in for Rush.

We finally met in person a few years ago in passing. He’d helped arrange time between Rush and me at CPAC before Rush’s epic speech that drew a live broadcast on major news networks. We saw each other again on the street in New York City as I filled in for Rush the first time. He took care of making the arrangements for me to get up there.

At one point while I was there, I saw Snerdley angrily gesturing at me through the glass, clearly angry. I knew I was toast on my first time out of the gate. I ran in to apologize for whatever I’d done and Kit, very nonchalantly said, “Oh, he wasn’t mad at you. He was yelling at the caller.”

Kit was a very kind soul. Our last emails were a few months ago, laughing about something my wife had said.

Rush Limbaugh announced a short time ago that Kit has passed away of cancer. He was very kind and helpful to me for a number of years. I will miss him and our email correspondence and offer prayers for his family and friends.

Requiescat in pace.

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