Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States

I won’t dive too far into the weeds on President Donald Trump’s address to the joint session of Congress tonight, since most reasonable people who aren’t already in bed are probably getting ready to go there in just a few minutes.  But I did want to go on the record with a couple of random thoughts before everyone hits the sack.

First off, in terms of tone and delivery, this is probably the best performance our new president has delivered thus far.  It was, in a word, presidential.  For those who worried that Twitter Fiend Trump would not be able to make the vaunted “pivot” to POTUS, this address tonight proves–at the very least–that he has in in him.  Ironically, he cast himself in the same way he reportedly likes his cabinet officials:  He looked the part.  Whether that’s part of Trump’s actual temperament, or whether that was just part of the show, we’ll have to see over time–but at least at first glance, it seems as if Candidate Trump has seriously started his transition into the big job.

As to the meat and potatoes of the speech, I mostly liked what I heard.  The president hit all the rights notes on law enforcement, his commitment to building the wall and enforcing immigration law, the urgent need for tax reform, and an absolute commitment to repealing and replacing Obamacare.  Also, the moment in which he paid tribute to fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens–and called special attention to his widow Carryn–was probably the most stirring thing I’ve seen in a presidential speech.  The raw emotions just really connected Carryn to the rest of America, and showed that Trump seems to understand that this isn’t all just about him.

At any rate, in case anybody has missed it up until now, there can no longer be any doubt:  Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

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