Larry Summers Resigns

He first said Harvard needed a greater emphasis on intellectual diversity. Then he said that some people think women are not as good at math and science, hence the low numbers for them in university departments relating to math and science.

There has been a witch hunt against him ever since.

As my friend Crank says, it’s sad when a Clinton appointee is too liberal conservative for Harvard academics.

[Thanks for pointing out my typo Jack]

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  • Not liberal enough for Harvard, I think you mean. But this was truly a depressing sight, and one that made this Harvard reject almost rather relieved that they didn’t accept my application.

    Oh, and the odd thing is that he never said women weren’t as good as men at math and science. Rather, observing the statistics (commonly accepted, as far as I can tell) showing that men display greater gene variance than women, and so have a flatter bell curve distribution of several genetic traits, that there would be more men than women in the very-very-highest brackets of mathematical intelligence (and, contrariwise, also more men than women in the very-very-lowest brackets, too). The comparative tameness of Prof. Summers’s comments on gender made it all the more ridiculous.