Last Night Democrats Admitted The Terrorists Have Won

Barack Obama has failed as President and last night the Democrats admitted it. The terrorists have beaten us. Staging a sit in on the floor of the House of Representatives and shouting down Speaker Paul Ryan, Democrats demanded that our constitutional rights be curtailed in the name of keeping us safe from terrorists. During the Bush Administration, the Democrats claimed any curtailing of our rights meant the terrorists won. Now, after Orlando, the Democrats are willing to shut down the House of Representatives in order to ensure our constitutional rights get revoked.

Even the far left ACLU opposes the Democrats’ plan as an encroachment on liberty. The leading Congressman supporting taking away our constitutional rights was himself improperly put on a no-fly list. But it does not matter. Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, who marched in the streets for civil rights, is now comfortably in power and wants to take away our constitutional rights without due process.

If the Republicans allow the Democrats to vote on this, they must put forward an amendment requiring that no woman on the terror or no fly list be allowed an abortion. If we are to curtail one constitutional right, let’s curtail another that is not even written in the constitution. The Democrats want to save lives. My proposal would save lives.

But the Democrats don’t want to do that. They don’t want to save lives. The Democrats just want to grand stand. Not one damn proposal by the Democrats yesterday would stop the gun violence in Chicago or Washington, DC. They are not going after hand guns that cause so many deaths. They are going after rifles. Should they round them up, the terrorists will just start blowing themselves up in the malls of America.

The Democrats are conceding that Barack Obama’s policies have failed and the terrorists have won. By their own standard from the Bush era, they now want to curtail our constitutional rights because they are scared and admit neither their President nor their god Uncle Sam can keep them safe. But they’ll be damned if you are allowed to keep yourself safe.

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