Leader of a Trump PAC Calls for Genocide of Mormons

If Evan McMullin wins Utah, it is not like that helps Hillary Clinton. If McMullin does not win it, Trump will win it, but either way it neither helps nor hurts Clinton’s road to 270 Electoral College votes. She was never going to win Utah. That Trump might not win the most reliably Republican state in the nation, however, shows just what a disaster he is as a candidate.

As McMullin increases in the polls, Trump supporters are becoming more and more unhinged. The latest is a guy named Pax Dickinson who, according to Heat Street, is affiliated with a pro-Trump PAC. Dickinson’s own twitter account lists him as the Chief Technology Officer of the organization. Note that Dickinson says his organization is not a PAC, just a journalism start up that is decidedly pro-Trump.

Hop over to Heat Street where you can see Dickinson’s tweets in favor of a “Mormocaust” and noting “America hasn’t boasted a popular movement favoring genocide of Mormons for well over a century but @Evan_McMullin is working to change that.”

He also claims McMullin’s candidacy is a tag team effort between the CIA and Mormon Church to stop Trump.

Is it any wonder so many people are turned off by Trump supporters? No, not really.

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