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Leader of White House Bible Study Could Use a Gentle Reprimand

A week ago I wrote about the weekly Bible study group that had been implemented in the White House, as led by Robert Drollinger.

The goals of Drollinger, a former NBA player and founder of Capitol Ministries are good: grow Washington lawmakers in the Word of God and in Christ, and that their values and principles shine through in their policy decisions.

And before anyone gets excited, as was pointed out last week, Trump does not attend these Bible study meetings (nor does Vice President Pence).

Well, as this is the world of politics, and politics is ugly, a bit of Drollinger’s past has surfaced and threatens to put a blemish on his efforts.

In 2004, the native Californian included a passage in his teachings that is sure to hit some working moms the wrong way.

“It is one thing for a mother to work out of her home while her children are in school,” he wrote in a teaching document. “It is quite another matter to have children in the home and live away in Sacramento for four days a week. Whereas the former could be in keeping with the spirit of Proverbs 31, the latter is sinful.”

I want to take this in context, but for now, this statement is all we have.

By “in context” I’m asking to see what Scripture this teacher of the Word would use in reference, in order to call women working outside the home “sinful.”

Proverbs 31:10-31 gives the characteristics of a noble wife. Of the things she is, she is hardworking and industrious. She takes care of her household and her community.

I’m going to assume Drollinger is saying if a mother is away from her home four days a week, she’s not watching over her home. I get that. Nowhere, however, does it suggest working outside of the home is sinful.

And yes, I get it. Ideally, the husband and father is the breadwinner, while the mother tends to the home and children. That’s not the world we live in now, however. The sad commentary of our society is that daddies don’t always stay, and if Mom doesn’t work, the family struggles in poverty.

The family structure has broken down in this country, and it’s not all on the backs of mothers.

Another Drollinger tidbit that emerged:

It said that Mr Drollinger also claimed Roman Catholicism “is one of the primary false religions in the world”. His comments meant the group had to leave a number of offices controlled by then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is Catholic.

I’ve seen people drop any premise of Christian civility and go to war over such statements.

I absolutely get that there are “issues” between Catholics and Protestants. I’m Pentecostal Holiness, myself, and after attending a funeral mass at a local Catholic church, I can say without a doubt, I get far more from my simple Pentecostal services than I could ever get from the rituals of Catholicism.

With that being said, I would offer to Mr. Drollinger or anyone else who feels necessary to make these arguments, Luke 9:49-50 AMP:

“49 John replied, “Master, we saw someone driving out demons in Your name; and we tried to stop him because he does not follow along with us.” 50 But Jesus told him, “Do not stop him; for he who is not against you is for you.”

The arguments that divide are far less important than the Spirit that draws Believers together, or the Kingdom-minded work Christ-followers are to be about, while we have this time on earth.

I do applaud the efforts to keep a godly influence in the halls of our government. I would caution, however, that if the leaders of these efforts are stumbling in an area that might hinder the work down the road, that there always be someone else willing to step in and take the reins of the study.

Teaching the Word and teaching it correctly is far too important.

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