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The Christmas season is in full swing and, as usual, we believers are being smacked in the face by a nasty War on Christmas. Atheists and secularists are working hard to eliminate Christmas celebrations from the national spotlight, and it’s becoming a real threat.

Most people don’t know that some of our most celebrated American traditions such as charity and gift-giving have their roots in Christmas. But it’s important for people to learn – especially our younger generations, since it will be incumbent upon them to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our country for years to come.

That’s why I love what Mike Huckabee is doing with his “Learn Our History” project. As part of the project, he’s fighting the War on Christmas with a great new DVD for kids called “Christmas In America“, and he’s giving it away for free throughout the Christmas Season. I’ve included some information below about this fun and free DVD. Why not order a copy for the kids in your family? It makes a great gift and it will help kids to learn the importance of Christmas celebrations in our great country.

Check them out here.



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