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I was watching this History Channel documentary on hippies last night and learned that Charles Manson was a student of Scientology. He apparently found L. Ron Hubbard’s scheme a useful way to brainwash his acolytes.

I suspect Tom Cruise and John Travolta will remain in Scientology PR material without Charles Manson being listed.

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  • Any religion can be used to rook people who feel an emptiness inside them.

    Look at the televangelists. I’m sure not all of them are crooked but when you see them living in mansions and driving around in numerous expensive cars you can’t help but wonder if the good they’re doing is mostly for themselves.

  • Erick,

    Surely you do not buy into what the Revisionist History Channel produces do you? Manson felt jilted as a musician by the players that controlled the industry, and he was into the whole commune scene and got these young women strung out on LSD and other drugs. From drug induced trips, it was easy to make these young women to follow him in his revenge against those that controlled the wealth and used other people to move up in the world. I don’t think scientology had anything to do with Manson’s evil “Helter Skelter.” Anyone can become brainwashed including me and you as we drink the potion from the GOP machine. LOL