Lecrae Touts Pitiful, Meaningless New Age Slogan

Christian rapper Lecrae has risen to prominence not just in the world of religious youth, but in pop culture as well. That brings with it great challenge, but also great opportunity. God has given Lecrae a remarkable gift with this platform and any believer should be in prayer for him as he undoubtedly faces overwhelming worldly pressures to conform.

Those pressures include adopting new age, worldly ideas and wrapping them in Christian clothing – something that is frighteningly common on Christian college campuses, seminaries, and within so-called social justice ministries. That’s why I cringed when I saw Lecrae’s recent declaration that,

“The cost of being on the right side of history is being on the wrong side of popular opinion.”

It’s a nice sentiment, of course – that the way of the righteous is not the way of the popular. That conformity is easier than faithfulness. That the narrow road is less chosen than the broad road of destruction.

But the phrase “right side of history” is a pitiful one that gained steam in the Obama years of community agitating. It is an appeal of the godless to some moral authority apart from the Creator – elevating human experience to the Throne, and promoting societal and cultural tradition as the highest form of epistemological truth.

In actuality, contrary to the implications of this sloganeering, history is amoral and has no sides. History is not God. God alone is God. History is merely a record of sides that were taken by fallen humans. According to Scripture there are two choices – God’s side and Satan’s side. Therefore the phrase, “the right side of history” is at best meaningless, and at worst idolatrous.

Concerning oneself with being on the “right side of history” implies a need to consider how we will be regarded by those who come after us. But to a Biblical mind, we know that the days ahead will not be ones marked by universal acceptance of the Truth of the Gospel of Christ. Why should any believer concern themselves with how fallen men see them or judge them?

The world, including those who write and interpret history, is filled with those who lack any fixed, grounded moral compass. Why should any Christian, who in Christ have the only reliable, unchanging guidepost for moral behavior and conduct, turn to those literally making it up as they go along to decide if we are headed in the right direction.

Cling to what is good, shun what is evil, and distinguish them by the Word of God alone. Allow history to write itself as we stand unapologetically on the right side of the cross. May that be my, Lecrae, and all other believers’ creed.

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