Left Upset With Hillary Because She Pledges No Tax Increases on the Middle Class

This is some bizarre socialism. Just go read that.

A Washington Post writer is upset with Hillary Clinton because she claims she will not raise taxes on the middle class.

[O]n a philosophical level, a pledge never to raise taxes on the middle class runs against the liberal view of taxation.

Got that? He goes on to cite Bernie Sanders as evidence that Hillary Clinton needs to give up her pledge and just raise taxes.

That’s where Sanders’ reply to Clinton comes from: Yes, he argues, people would have to pay more taxes to fund a single-payer health plan, but it isn’t like they’d get nothing in return. They’d get health coverage. And given that every single-payer system in the world is dramatically less expensive than the American health insurance system, they’d almost certainly save money in the end, paying less in new taxes than they’d save on the insurance premiums they would no longer be paying.

In other words, in exchange for the middle class paying higher taxes, they’d get the benefit of the government forcing a government monopoly healthcare plan on them.

Jeff Bezos must be so proud.

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