Lefties Continue Celebrating The Deaths Of American Soldiers

Let’s not mince words.  The left celebrates every death of every American soldier in Iraq.  Let me just repeat it so that it sinks in.  The left celebrates every death of every American soldier in Iraq.  They are the means to an end.  The means is incitement through propaganda.  The end is the repudiation of President Bush and the military — the two institutions in this country the left hates.  

The left celebrates every death of every American solider in Iraq.  In 2006, the Democrats saw nothing wrong with using dead soldiers to raise money.  Today, the left is showing the murder of American soldiers to provoke outrage against Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

The left is using the murder of American troops for political purposes.  Why?  Because provoking outrage over the death of American troops is the only way to stir sentiment that we must not complete the ongoing surge.  The left cannot abide us completing the surge because the surge is working.

Militant groups are abandoning their positions.  Security tips have jumped sharply.  Even Brian Williams of NBC has noticed “that ‘the war has changed.'”

We have escalated the destruction of Al QaedaShops are beginning to reopen.  Oh, and the body count stories in the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and news networks have dropped off the front page in favor of the U.S. Attorney scandal because there is less to report.

The surge is having a meaningful impact.  The left’s policy of retreat is about to be proven foolhardy.  So, like terrorists blowing up car bombs in front of the American media to attract attention to their cause in Baghdad, the left is having to show troops blown to bits in Iraq to the American people to attract attention to their cause and detract attention from the fact that the deaths of those soldiers have not been in vain.

The left celebrates every death of every American soldier in Iraq because it is the only effective means they have to distract the public from the tangible signs that those same soldiers are having a meaningful impact in winning the war — a victory the left cannot abide.

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  • SHAME. Shame that you would think such about your fellow Americans. Sometimes we spend all too much time in our own partisan echo chambers that the innuendo builds on rumor and we begin to see terrible things in others.

    First off everyone on the left I know abhors the loss of life we are enduring in Iraq. They feel it’s all the more tragic as the invasion and occupation has been handled like a spoiled child’s vanity project.

    While you might say the surge is working our military says it’s too early to tell. I believe I read August is the earliest they’ll have enough info to decide. The surge is having an impact to be sure but how long can we keep it up. In the words of the commander on the ground Iraq can not be solved by the US military. The goal of the surge is not to kill “insurgents” but to create an atmosphere where the Iraqi Civilian leadership will impose itself and take the resigns of leadership. This has not happened yet. I hope it does but as yet it has not.

    The left, and exactly who is this “left”? Saying “the left” is like saying “the right” and equating the actions of a right wing nutjob like Timothy McVeigh with “the right”. The “left” does not celebrate the deaths of their fellows. The Liberals I know, as do a majority of Americans, want the troops brought home and to see a swift end to this sad misguided vanity project.

    There is no winning in Iraq for us, none. We lost when we allowed a small man to choose people based on ideology instead skill and experience to put Iraq back together again. That was the moment, the very instant, we lost Iraq.

    Now all we can do is get out lick our wounds, figure out how to pay for this mess (to tax is to spend), and restore our Military to good order.

    But Shame that you would think that an entire section of the population would celebrate in the deaths of their friends, children, and neighbors. It is beneath you.

  • The way I see it is that Fox News (the right) is letting every military family down by covering Imus and Anna Nichole nonstop. The right wants to hide the fact that ten of our bravest died over Easter weekend. I am the mother of a Marine, and I do not want the Republicans to run from the fact that this war is a Civil War with no signs of victory. Tell me Erick, what is victory and what war are we winning when our soldiers keep dying every day? Are you surprised, FAP, at the stand I am taking. Yes, I want us to win a war but the war was politicized leading up to the 2004 Presidential election. We did not allow our soldiers to fight, we tied their hands and told them to stand down just like what was done in VietNam! How do I know that? I know that because I have talked to veterans that do not lie.

    At least the soldiers are now coming back on chartered jets instead of treated like commercial freight on commercial jets. Who is to blame for how this was handled, Erick before? It was a Republican majority Congress and Republican White House that allowed it to happen. It is time that all woke up to the truth. We are all Americans and there is no left and there is no right, there is only the truth and lies out there. It is time for this bickering to stop and finger pointing. I want the Republicans, for once, to show some backbone and admit that yes we made mistakes. The President has admitted mistakes, but the base keeps on beating the drums blaming the left. Yes, I too want to know, just who is the left. It is not my good clients that vote Democrat most of the time but voted for President Bush because they did not want to change leadership during a war. Yes, there are a few moon bats out there in Hollyweird (as Scarborough calls them-sorry if misspelled), but for the most part American citizens are good people.

  • If this is the kind of rhetoric that the voting public is going to hear from the Right for the next 18 months then I think the Repubs will have a bad time of it in Nov. 2008.

    As I commented over at Redstate, the way to win in Iraq is to get the American public invested in the idea of a long occupation. I am very interested to hear how you think that can be accomplished. Accusing Lefties of enjoying the deaths of US soldiers is not helping.

  • Blue Neponset I think it’s too late for that. The sheer incompetence in the choice of personal, non military, sent to Iraq combined with the Prez and his administration whistling a happy tune while Iraq slid into chaos has killed any credibility this administration has, even with insiders.

    Did you see the article where the administration is looking to hire a new Iraq Czar but no one want to the job. I don’t blame them, it’d be like being promoted to captain an hour after the Titanic hit the iceberg.

    Here’s the link.

  • I did see that article FAP and it doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    I generally agree with your assessment of Bush’s war policy but he is going to be President until 2009 so we really have to make the best of the situation. To that end, I am interested to hear how Erick would get the American people to invest in victory in Iraq. I refuse to believe he actually thinks heaping blame on the Left is going to help the war effort.

  • Well, Blue and FAP, what are you going to do to help get the Democrats in line with a solution instead of throwing rhetoric around? Tell me one Democrat candidate for President that could lead this Country out of a ditch let alone out of a war. Not one candidate running on the Democrat ticket for President has an ounce of backbone, but yet you criticize President Bush to no end. You don’t get anymore conservative than me, and I want the truth to be told. Why don’t you admit just why President Bush has to lead us in this war that was brought on by lies? Help to expose the real scoundrels, instead of pointing fingers at those that were deceived.

  • Linda at this point we have very very limited options when it comes to Iraq. Power hates a vacuum and when we removed Saddam we created one and decided not to fill it. While we dither it was filled by the strongest non-baathist groups, the religious hierarchies(I’m ignoring the Kurds). The Shia and the Sunni religious groups are now part of the government and interwoven into every Iraqi department and agency. Unless we institute a very difficult, and probably unpopular, purge we aren’t ousting those leaders.

    So we can’t get rid of the people who are killing our soldiers, so what can we do? The best outcome is that we leave and the government is not anti-American (not saying friendly to us just that they don’t immediate ally with our enemies, Iran for instance) and doesn’t dissolve into chaos leading into a full out civil war.

    Bush and Co wont even admit to the problem publicly so I doubt they have any hope of solving it. Sad to say but it looks like we Americans have to wait out the clock on Bush, limiting any further damage he might do, and put in a new guy that will purge the American Government of incompetent ideologues and put a team together to deal with the harsh realities left to us.

    Which candidates can do this? Frankly no candidate of either party stands out right now. The Republican party, in the words of retired Sen. Simpson, is tearing itself apart with social conservative litmus tests and the Dems IMHO aren’t fielding a very deep bench. Frankly right now I’d probably vote for a Romney or an Obama.

    As for what can be done right now all I can say is that we need to urge the Congress to take up its constitutional role of balancer of the executive that in the recent past has been abandoned.

  • http://www.truthtellers.org/israel/mideaststrife.html

    This article is mainly for Erick and other Christians that are still caught up in a misconception of the reading of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Even non Christians may see why we are caught up in this dangerous mission in the Middle East with a path toward World War III because Christians have allowed Satan to twist the Bible in a way that it is mind boggling to see so many people blindly following a big lie. Before dismissing Reverend Ted Pike, I will enlighten you to the fact that he along with his father helped to create National Prayer Day that President Reagan started in Washington DC. The Christians that are misguided are not following the scriptures at all. Just last evening, I joined a Bible Study group and we are covering Revelation. I have already done an enormous amount of studying of the scriptures and have probably read Revelation at least five times this year alone. Before throwing up your self-defense mechanisms, read the scriptures all of you Christians and you will see that Reverend Ted Pike is right as is former President Jimmy Carter. Learn the truth, read the truth and help save the lives of our soldiers that are dying for a twisted religion that is being promoted by Zionist Christians because they feel that they are obeying the Lord. Wrong, wrong, and double wrong.

  • Do you really think that the awesome Lord will be on the time table of sinners that are trying to speed up the Tribulation to see Jesus return? The time is not ours to choose, as no one knows the time when Jesus will wage his battle. But because of this false theology, we are in a ticking time bomb that is purely man made, and I truly believe that we are sinners for aiding anti-Christs to occupy land that is promised for God fearing Jews. We are complicit in the crime against the Lord’s Word.

  • Uh, Linda? I’m not really wrapped up in the whole “we’re doing this to bring about the end times” thing. I don’t really fancy a World War III.

    I support Israel because it is a Democracy. You don’t see Israelis blowing themselves up in shopping malls.

    I support the war because I’d rather fight them there than here.

    And I think you have an unhealthy suspicion toward Israel, Jews, and this whole concept of Zionism. Ted Pike did some good things, but this is also a man who thinks we should not consider it anti-semitism to speculate that the Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks and that we can continue blaming *present* Jewish leaders for Christ’s crucifixtion.

    That’s just nutty.

    I’m amazed by how many people place every blame at Israel. Neither I nor Blue nor FAP brought up Israel or Zionism in any bit of this thread, yet you’ve laid this whole thing in the lap of the Jews.

    Maybe instead of believing in some sort of Jewish conspiracy to take over the world and circumsize us all, you should exercise some Christian forgiveness.

  • Erick, is not my place or your place or anyone’s place to give land to false Jews. It is fresh on my mind because I spent nearly two hours with Christians that are studying Revelation together. We are made up of Methodists and a Baptist minister that are not laying blame at anyone’s feet. What has been done was done before you and I were born, Erick. We are under the control of Satan right now, read Revelation and don’t take my word for it. Read what John saw when the Lamb was worth enough to open the seven seals.

    This is very important because this post of yours is trying to throw blame here, there and yonder and it is just grasping at straws. The truth is in the Bible, and there is no way that I want harm to anyone. If the Jews were not placed wrongly in territory before God’s plan was fulfilled, we would not be in these wars that have us in a quagmire. Churchhill and Roosevelt helped bring this wrath to all, and put Jews in the danger that they are in today. And how can Israel be a Democracy when they are supported by the United States, Erick? We give over $3 billion in aid to Israel every year. That is not a Democracy in any book that I ever read, as they are clearly as one person I read described them a Socialist Sparta.

    But Erick, your support of the war that you would rather fight them there than here is sad because you are not the one that is shedding blood right now for this war nor or most of the other neocons that are tooting the horns to fight them over there. Fight whom? Who will we have to destroy next to satisfy Satan’s lust for blood? When I see a massive enlistment of all me up to the age of 40 into the National Guard, then and only then will I quit arguing that only a few are spilling blood for the greedy capitalism that is destroying the planet.

  • Erick, you are following the politicians that have twisted the Bible for the almighty dollar. Again, read the Bible. I prefer the KJV, but we are using the NIV for our study. I am taking my own Bible to make notes on the lecture sheets where the translation differs. My Bible reading is not unhealthy at all, the twisted Neocon false religion is what is unhealthy. Even the secularists agree, but they do not understand what the problem really is because they are standing on worship of self. Don’t worry about me because I know what I need to believe, and I know that Christianity has be twisted to where the Gospels are no longer adhered to. Why do you think the Lord says that two will be standing in a field and one will be taken? Do you think he was just having a hissy fit like an angry parent? Or do you think that he stands firm on his Word? If you think the latter, and if you read the Bible (Leviticus, Matthew and Revelation), then you will see that you are dead wrong.

  • This writing is not meant to sway you because you are blinded because it is meant to be. As our Baptist minister said last night, we have at most until 2012 until World War III breaks out. None of us that grasp the truth can change hearts and minds, and it is only a matter of time before we see Christians getting beheaded in this Country that is God’s Country.

  • “Uh, Linda? I’m not really wrapped up in the whole “we’re doing this to bring about the end times” thing. I don’t really fancy a World War III.” said by Erick

    Well, where pray tell do you think that this war is heading, Erick? Do you really think that the billions of Muslims are going to sit back and allow their people to keep dying? You may not fancy World War III, but the war profiteers most certainly do. By being a cheerleader for Israel to seize land in Syria, you are helping to push us into a World War. Yes, I know that worry is a sin. But I am a sinner and I worry about what is happening in Iraq. The war is so real when one is a friend to nine other mothers who have lost sons in Iraq. It is hard sometimes to face them in meetings when we hold Georgia Marine Moms meetings because my son’s life so far has been spared. They are strong mothers, and believe it or not one of the mothers has another son right now as I type fighting in Iraq. Now, we are the real supporters of the war and our faith in the Lord is far from unhealthy. We pray daily for him to protect our sons.

  • “And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” (Luke 9:23-24)

    Bible Gateway Scripture of the Day.

  • “I’m amazed by how many people place every blame at Israel. Neither I nor Blue nor FAP brought up Israel or Zionism in any bit of this thread, yet you’ve laid this whole thing in the lap of the Jews.” said by Erick.

    Reread what I typed after you made this remark. I said that Christians have caused this false theology because they were lead by Satan to once again bring the Jews into harm’s way. It is not done for evil purposes by Christians, at all. The Christian ministers have been silenced into going along with a lie, and most never read the Bible when they go to church. I know because I used to be one of those go to church on Sunday’s, sing a few lovely songs, listen to a sermon and then forget about the Lord the rest of the week. Do I have all the answers? Absolutely not, but I do know that what we are doing with our support of Israel is going to destroy that Country and ours. But Matthew 24 tells me and you that, right? Thank you for the space to right. I am just thankful that my Bible has not yet been declared anti-semitic, but it is only a matter of time. I hope that I am long gone before that tragedy happens. God bless all.

  • I meant thank you for the space to write. I am exhausted from doing tax returns! Almost over, thank the Lord.