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Leftwing Salon Tries and Fails to Claim Christian “Extremists” Are As Deadly as Islamic Extremists

Salon is running a story that claims to show “far-right” extremism in the United States is as bad as Islamic extremism.

The story, however, was originally going to be about “Christian extremism,” instead of far-right extremism. How do I know? It’s in the URL.

I won’t actually link there as Salon is a quasi-communist organization that is actually publicly traded and depends on clicks through in order to turn a profit.

The data having failed to make the case against Christian extremism, the leftwing academics pivot to “far-right” extremism, but even then they have to note that Islamic extremists are more deadly than “far-right” extremists.

What they do not care to bring up, but what the data shows, is that “far-right” extremism is not a common ideology, but various people and various causes all considered to be “of the far-right.” When the data is actually broken out by, for example, Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, land claimants, militia members, etc. the data shows that Islamist extremists are vastly more likely to engage in violence.

Likewise, they exclude the casualties on 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing to try to even out the body count.

On top of that, the study completely ignores left-wing extremism, though to be fair the left had little reason to be violent in the Obama era. But let’s not pretend Bill Ayers and his ilk have never existed.

Still, it is pretty impressive that they tried to make it about Christian extremists and failed. I guess instead tomorrow they’ll have up something else bashing Christians or claiming Mary was raped.

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