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For the past eight months I have worked in Washington, D.C. as the blogmaster of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Most every week I have flown to Washington for a few days and otherwise worked from home.

As part of my employment agreement I have been prohibited from discussing politics — which is my passion — except at Peach Pundit given its nature as more of a newsy blog. I’ve dropped by RedState on occasion to post something in RedHot or, more rarely, on the front page that was not related to partisan politics.

Starting today, that all changes.

A few weeks ago, my boss and I were talking about the NRECA blog and decided some tweaks needed to be made. I felt strongly that the project was viable, but would not be a long term project as structured with me. We decided that before I moved the family to Washington, it might be best to reassess things. The decision was thereafter made that I’d leave the NRECA this week.

Of course that begged the question of what to do. Christy and I don’t have much savings and I can’t afford to be out of a job. So, the Board of Directors at RedState met and has decided to bring me on full time as the Managing Editor. We don’t have much in the bank for salary for more than a couple of months. And we have a lot of things we want to do. But we feel strongly that for RedState to grow we need a full time person engaged at the site. That’s going to be me.

I’m nervous, recognizing the risks involved. There are no benefits, just salary. But I’m going to go for it. Effective July 1, I’ll take over as CEO of the company and managing editor of the blog. I’ll still be blogging here too. In fact, my full energies will be devoted to RedState and blogging politics — something I have not been able to do for eight months.

Your prayers for our growth and success would be greatly appreciated.

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