Federalist Society Executive Vice President Leonard Leo speaks to media at Trump Tower, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Leonard Leo Gears Up For War in the Senate

Leonard Leo tonight issued some fighting words. If you don’t know who Leonard Leo is, he’s the man who whispers in the ears of Republican Presidents about judicial picks. He is the Executive Vice President of the Federalist Society and one of the most influential men in America when it comes to judicial picks from the GOP.

A short time ago, Leo put the Democrats on notice that the GOP isn’t going to be dictated to when it comes to the Supreme Court.

“Mr. Trump has a plane and double-digit victories where Senate Democrats are up for re-election, obstructing his nominees will be a political loser,” Leo said. And he is right.

As Jake Tapper noted on twitter, 4 Democrats up for re-election in the Senate are from states Obama lost twice (Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia), 1 is from a state Obama lost in his re-election (Indiana), and 4 are from states Hillary Clinton lost to Trump (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin).

Lastly, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are already on record that they planned to scuttle the filibuster for the Supreme Court. So the Democrats can fight all they want to no avail.

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