Lessons from Rush, Newt and The President

Rush Limbaugh has had a storied legendary radio career. When he came on the national scene, he was just about the lone conservative voice, and his success set the table for the conservative talk show radio boom as well as for Fox News. Along the way, he has accumulated millions of loyal listeners, and accordingly has been in tune to the attitudes and thoughts of every day Americans who identify as conservative.

For a long, long time, Rush has virulently attacked the mainstream media. He might have even coined that term. He certainly invented more than a few labels over the years. Rush has pulled no punches in his narrative that they are not our friends, that they have no regard for the conservative movement, and actually possess haughty distain for the common American citizen. Because of his MSM perspective, he quite correctly exposed their mindless devotion to the Democratic Party and their willingness to do whatever it takes to provide cover for them.

Rush is very insightful, he recognized the anger building bubbling up among Americans, as a matter of fact he was a primary force stoking it into the outrage which propelled the Tea Party into 2010 prominence as well as the Republican electoral successes in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

In the early stages of the 2012 Presidential Republican primary season,  Newt Gingrich proved what Rush had been saying. Without fail, the MSM will attack conservative candidates, and he was no different. But it became evident his popularity increased with each counter-attack on the press. His win in South Carolina was certainly facilitated by the preceding debate where he absolutely spanked the moderators.

What Rush spoke about, and what Newt showed briefly; President Trump proved resoundingly. He campaigned against the MSM  and his win proved Rush Limbaugh’s thesis, showing the only true route to success is to take the attack to the press every time the opportunity comes up.

Candidate Trump found electoral success for a myriad of reasons, but it is a certainty his almost daily aggressive defiant approach with the press endeared him to millions of eventual Trump voters. A reasonable peson could conclude that instead of the MSM hurting Candidate Trump’s presidential aspirations, they facilitated it in their blatant opposition. Every time CNN, MSNBC or the Washington Post attacked Candidate Trump, his supporters became more obdurate in their support for him.

Standing in stark contrast, many if not most congressional Republicans appear to structure their entire political calculations based upon MSM considerations. The reasons for their spineless acquiescence are wholly rooted in they crave approval and have an abiding fear of negative press.

The life of the senior Congressional Republican can be quite heady. In addition to being the decision makers for the most powerful nation on earth, after their workday, they have countless opportunities to mingle and play with the nation’s elite. Whether it’s a big money donor cocktail party, a socialite’s dinner party, or any number of embassy galas, these pols can party it up every night of the week, and many do.

Most, if not all of these gatherings also include MSM star power, as well as their counterparts from the Democratic Party and liberal elites.  Establishment Republicans are welcome precisely because they are establishment, they are not a threat to the status quo, they don’t desire or advocate change, and their value system is not discernibly different.

What these party hacks do not seem to understand is their love affair with the MSM puts them at odds with the conservative part of the party. When McCain goes on CNN and knifes the President in the back, he doesn’t come off as a statesman, he doesn’t show gravitas, his opposition screams disloyalty to the party and ratchets up anger in the base.

When Jason Chaffetz goes on MSNBC Morning Joe and solemnly pronounces how concerned he is with President Trump and all things Russia, the base only remembers his cowardly approach to the Obama administration and how he mouthed toothless threats, none of which were realized.

Republican leaders are scared to death of the MSM. Which is why they won’t consider a budget fight if it could lead to a government shutdown, which is why defunding Planned Parenthood is promised but never happens, and there are numerous other examples. These preening courtiers worry endlessly about totally useless polls, and how the party will be affected by negative press.

If they had half a clue, they would understand the road to being a party hero is to take on the media, celebrate its opposition and even delight in the negative coverage, safe in the knowledge that each line of negative print, each minute of false TV commentary, just cements their bona fides with the conservative voter base. If they had anything in common with these voters, they would also understand every time they fail to support the White House, they are not hurting the President, they are shoring up his base support, and ripping another hole in the party fabric.

For the most part, conservatives no longer receive their press coverage from the MSM. Most refuse to watch MSM news shows and they don’t tend to populate liberal websites. They are getting news and political analysis from Fox and conservative websites. They are retweeting articles on Twitter at a astounding rate, and their opinions are well-informed. Far more so than most inside the Beltway can even comprehend. Overall, Trump supporters cannot be described as low-information. No longer can establishment moderate Republicans secretly get away with playing footsie with the MSM and opposition party. They are outed on Twitter and other social medial platforms each and every time they betray the base.

These Rockefeller Republicans desperately want the demise of the Administration, they do not want the swamp cleared, they do not want the federal government downsized, the pro-abortion and pro-gay lobby scares them witless, they do not want the budget cut and they do not want controversy of any sort.

It is achingly obvious they are in the process of facilitating the Democrats full-throated campaign to drive President Trump off of the world stage. They might think they appear fair, they might be misled to believe they are being statesmen with immense gravitas, they might be fooled by the false adoration from the MSM, but outside the capital city they are deceiving exactly no one. Dirty Harry Reid might have been corrupt, but the stonewall he built to protect Obama was stout indeed. For all you can say about him, Harry could circle the wagons with the best of em.

This will not end well. It simply cannot succeed. The anger in flyover country has not abated, the conservative movement has not given up and will not fade away. In the end, their vacuous character will betray only themselves, and the Republican Party will once again be a barking powerless minority. They will have only themselves to blame.

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