Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, responds to a reporter's question about the controversy surrounding him during the election of President Obama, prior to addressing a dinner at the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Conference in at Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss., Thursday, March 25, 2010. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Let’s Be Blunt and Honest

Many of you will think it is no big deal that Donald Trump is inviting an open heretic who rejects the eternality of Jesus Christ and the trinity itself to represent Christians by praying at the Presidential Inauguration. You think I’m overreacting, a sore loser, or some such. And you know damn well that if Jeremiah Wright had said a prayer at Barack Obama’s inauguration you’d be publicly outraged and calling for Obama to reconsider the invitation. Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology and Paula White’s prosperity gospel are two sides of the same heretical coin.

By being outraged about one and not the other, and admit it that you would be and you were upset by Barack Obama attending Wright’s church, you have reduced Jesus Christ to partisan team sport.

Christ is neither Republican nor Democrat, but the only path to eternal salvation. You who benefit from his death should have a modicum of respect for the thousands who were tortured, executed, or exiled in the first 500 years of your faith who suffered to settle the issue of His divinity and eternality. You get to claim this is no big deal and not an issue because of their sacrifice.

They were, in many cases, willing to die or suffer torture or exile to establish a principle of orthodoxy you now take for granted and think is no big deal and not worth raising a fuss over.

Someone needs to stand up for orthodoxy. Anyone who professes saving faith in Jesus Christ should. Your salvation depends on his eternality, the very concept Paula White dismisses. For if Jesus Christ is not the eternal son of God incarnate in human flesh, he could not save you from your sins.

And you are an absolute hypocrite if you ever said or thought a critical word about Jeremiah Wright, but will keep your mouth shut now about this because of partisan team sport.

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