Let’s Not Forget: Obamacare is Destroying American Healthcare for All of Us

I admit to being somewhat entertained by all the histrionics facilitated by the left amidst the Republicans’ (obviously doomed) attempt to do the right thing and repeal Obamacare. One of the great tragedies of the Orwellian-named Affordable Care Act was its intricately-designed fangs that would sink deep into the flesh of America’s healthcare system, ensuring that any later effort to repeal the beast would result in holes that could be exploited politically for maximum damage.

That’s what Republicans are facing these days; and as expected, they are failing miserably to stand firm and keep their promises to the American people.

It’s not like Republicans should have any trouble firing back or making a mockery of the hyperbolic rhetoric coming from those fierce defenders of Obamacare, a law that caused premiums to skyrocket across the country, countless thousands to lose an insurance plan they liked, businesses and employers to dramatically cut workers’ hours to avoid draconian government penalties. That latter point alone was one of the most regressive, anti-poor consequences of the terrible law.

Any supposed “faith-leader” bemoaning the lack of compassion inherent in repealing Obamacare (and there are quite a few) is a total fraud. Obamacare itself stands as one of the most heartless and callous laws ever crafted.

But that’s only a tiny fraction of the absurdity. During the Senate vote, a group of left-wing protestors erupted in a ridiculous chant of “Don’t kill us, kill the bill.” Even throwback left-wing champs from the Bush era, MoveOn, staged a “die-in” on the Capitol Grounds to go along with the theme.

It’s just embarrassing. As were all the blue-checkmarked titans of liberalism on Twitter – who were on a roll. Like New York Times writer Sean T. Collins who actually tweeted that Senator John McCain “voted to kill me” by supporting repeal. That was intellectually offensive, but Collins upped the ante with a previous tweet that declared:

“The world would be a better place if McCain died in Vietnam.”

The horrible comment quickly garnered 167 likes before Collins thought to delete it. Listen, if you tweet something like that – if you “like” something like that – you’re choosing to be a horrible person. Yet, scroll up a few tweets or check out their bio and you’ll probably see a #LoveTrumpsHate in there somewhere. Because life comes at you fast.

This is the patent absurdity that surrounds opposition to repeal. It is nearly impossible to understand how any of it could frighten Republicans away from doing what is in the best interest of the country by repealing the law that is destroying American healthcare.

Doing so isn’t a vote for the status quo or to stand flatfooted. The system needs fixing, and there are two paths we could take to attempt to do so. Voting to repeal Obamacare properly acknowledges that the law was taking us down the wrong path – the path of more government involvement that would necessarily lead not to better healthcare for all Americans, but rather would lead to rationing of care, less quality, and higher prices.

The real answer comes in freedom, ingenuity, competition, innovation, and modernity. Government is the enemy of all of those things. Repealing government-empowering Obamacare then is the first step of many that must be taken to revive and free our healthcare system.

None of us, Republican lawmakers included, should let hysterical, hyperbolic, and at times hilarious Twitter feeds convince you otherwise.

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