Let’s Play… BrewBrawl!

We’ve all skimmed those bland reviews for appealing craft beer. But in the midst of 2016 politics, it only seems fitting to trash convention and embrace the outlandish— well, at least for the remainder of football season.

Therefore, with exceeding eccentricity, I am honored to present the first official season of “American BrewBrawl!”

The rules are simple: Based solely on name and/or label appearance, a craft beer is assigned by me to each team. The matchup’s will reflect the two teams playing Sunday Night Football that week. Thus, all post-season playoff games and championship rounds are TBD.

So without further delay, let’s play to this week’s BrewBrawl Matchup!
(Sorry fans, but I’m still in the process of recording the theme song.)

Minnesota Vikings  vs. Green Bay Packers

beard-of-zeus3Minnesota Vikings: Beard of Zeus, Short’s Brewing Company
[India Style Pale Lager, aka IPL] 5.3% ALC
82 IBU
Adventurous flavor profile of hops, honey, and lemongrass. Medium body, not too sweet with a light, lingering bitterness.

the-creature-web1Green Bay Packers: The Creature, Urban Legend Brewing Company
[Black IPA] 8.5% ALC
85 IBU
A sturdy dark, malty flavor with rich, fruity hop aftertaste. Creamy, medium body making it easy to drink.

This was a very heard decision as both are great beers in their respective categories. What ultimately tipped the scale towards Beard of Zeus was the unusual hop-quality coupled with ease of drinkability.

WINNER: Beard of Zeus / Minnesota Vikings. 

Stay tuned for next week’s matchup: Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys…



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