A member of India's LGBT (Lesbians Gays Bisexuals Transgenders) community paints his forearm with rainbow colours during their parade in Gurgaon on the outskirts of New Delhi, India, Saturday, June 25, 2016. The walk was organized demanding social acceptance and equal rights. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

LGBT Bullies Stage “Dance Party” Outside of Vice President-Elect Pence’s Home

If you want to know why average Americans, who have to work, pay the bills, care for their families and try to live a normal, relatively stress-free lives don’t have a deep well of sympathy for the burning demands of the gay mafia, this would be why.

When you get a few hundred LGBT clowns, with the audacity to call themselves WERK for Peace to gather in front of someone’s home, going out of their way to disrupt the peace, all because that person holds a belief they don’t agree with, then they have pretty much given up any right to be outraged or to call themselves “oppressed.”

That’s what happened outside of VP-elect Mike Pence’s temporary home in Chevy Chase, Maryland on Wednesday evening.


The jackasses that organized the event billed it as a “Queer Dance Party,” because they feel being loud, annoying, and arrogant proves their victimhood.

Groups WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20 created the event to say “homophobia and transphobia is wrong and should be resisted,” according to Firas Nasr, founder of the first group.

Get that? Groups called WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20 are working together, and they’re doing so without even the hint of irony.

Initially a group of a dozen people met at the Friendship Heights Metro Station, which is located on the border of Washington, D.C., and Maryland. The demonstrators then marched down Western Avenue to Tennyson Street NW, toward Pence’s house. The incoming vice president will be moved into his United States Naval Observatory residence later this week.

This was all because Mike Pence has dared to speak openly about his Christian faith and has said that because he is a Christian, he opposes the LGBT lifestyle.
What these bullies want is compliance to an alternate lifestyle. They have no desire for “equality” and the real issue is their heterophobia.

“Our use of dance is really about claiming space and asserting #WeAreHere and #WeWillDance,” Nasr said.

Claiming space that wasn’t theirs to claim and attempting to assert their will on someone else, even at the expense of that person’s comfort or well-being.

This is why it is so difficult to have any sympathy for their cause. Their selfishness and constant attacks on anyone who resists compliance with their agenda doesn’t exactly evoke feelings of unity or buy a lot of good will.

DisruptJ20 are also planning mass disruptions of inauguration events on Friday.

It is endlessly maddening when those who want to be seen as the victim class are usually doing the majority of the bullying.

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