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  • I live in an area in the south where the population is over 50% black and appears to be moving to the conservative side. After all these years of empty promises and taking from the haves to give to the have nots, it seems the conservative message is finally getting through, here at least.

    I have always considered Jacksons form of politics as a sort of slavery for the people it was supposedly designed to protect. As long as they were down and out Mr.Jessie had a job, even if they didn’t. It looks as if the people who used to blindly follow Mr. Jackson and his ilk, mistaking him for another Mr. King, have finally seen the slavery of exploitation and decided it is better to work for what you have than to wait for the crumbs to fall from Jessie’s table.

    I imagine Kerry is likely desperate to corner the black vote on his side. I’m hoping he’s barking up the wrong tree. I don’t think it is a given as it has been in the past. G.W. has shown with his actions rather than words or press photo ops his openess to diversity. He has been brilliant in his appointments of minorities who as role models for every American, show integrety, hard work, dedication and intellegence in their fields.

    The Rainbow Coalition’s true colors have been peeping through these last few years and getting hard to cover.

    Once the people of this country stop dividing themselves into groups and begin to advance themselves for their own betterment they find the Jessies and Al’s of the world aren’t so necessary after all.

    When a person can fish, he can live.