Liberal Bloggers

Matthew Klam, friend of liberal bloggers, writes a

It actually does do a good job of profiling the liberal fraternity of bloggers. Markos Moulitsas, better known as Kos, gives one quote that I think typifies liberals in general — at least the ones I’ve known:

”I’m really self-conscious of how the blogger community perceives me,” he said. ”I feel guilty that I don’t link to more bloggers, I feel guilty that I’m more successful than other bloggers. I feel guilty that I make as much money as I do now, that I get more traffic. Rather than enjoy it, sometimes I feel really guilty about it. It’s silly.”

As we neared Wall Street, Moulitsas said: ”The other angst I have about blogging is that because I depend on the income, it has become a job. You’d think I’d be happy. I make a living off of blogging! But it’s interesting how, once it becomes a job, there’s a certain angst that I’m kind of afflicted with. I can’t quit.”

I cannot say all liberals, but an overwhelming majority of the ones I have known, feel an overriding sense of guilt for their success and advancement. A lot of them want government programs, government spending, and taxes on successful people like themselves to lift other people up to their level, so they will stop feeling guilty.

But, there will always be poor and there will always be guilt. It’s a cycle and it is sick. Let’s have pride for success and charitable contributions and volunteer activities to help other advance — both are more effective than government programs.