Liberal Lap Dogs in the U.S. Senate

In, what I find to be a humorous piece, WaPo shows that the Democrats on the Judicial Committee are lap dogs of the left.

Major liberal groups accused Democratic senators yesterday of showing too little stomach for opposing John G. Roberts Jr.’s Supreme Court nomination, saying newly released documents indicate he is much more conservative than many people first thought.

The response was quick and pointed, as two key senators unleashed their sharpest criticisms yet of Roberts and sought to assure activists that the battle is far from over. . . .

Leahy, who previously treaded more softly on the Roberts matter, said the White House’s refusal to release other documents being sought leaves Roberts “with a heavier burden to carry during his upcoming hearings.”

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), the committee’s senior member, also took his criticisms of Roberts to new heights yesterday in a letter to colleagues.

This is just delightful. When the left commands the Dems bark, they bark. But, despite this charade to pacify NARAL et al, the Dems will have no bite.

Liberal groups intend to increase pressure on the Democrats to block Roberts. This puts the Democrats in what will be an awkward position for them. Should they move forward with Roberts, the left will be upset, but should another vacancy then open up, the Democrats can block it and use Roberts’s confirmation to show they are not obstructionist.

Nonetheless, given that the average voter tends to think the Democrats intend to be obstructionist with any conservatve and most Americans either prefer a conservative or just don’t care, the Republicans will have an opening to blister the Democrats. It winds up being a lose-lose for the Democrats.

Likewise, should the President find another conservative “stealth” nominee, the Democrats will be in this pickle again.

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  • I find it strange that you use Senator Kennedy as proof that Democrats are reacting to the mewlings of the liberal left.

    When did you not think Senator Kennedy was a liberal lapdog? Senator Kennedy isn’t changing his stripes in order to please the Liberal Left. He doesn’t have to and he never will have to appease the liberal left because he is the liberal left.

    If Senator Pryor or Senator Nelson were suddenly attacking Roberts you might have a case, but to use Ted Kennedy or even Patrick Leahy in this example is pretty weak, IMHO.

    Also, Senator Leahy and others have been harping about the White House’s slow trickle of documents from day two of the Roberts nomination. That isn’t a sudden change of tactics to please the meat eating liberals.