Liberal Media: Leave Jared Kushner Alone, You Know You Really Love Him

If there’s one man in the White House with a full plate, it’s Jared Kushner. He’s reportedly lost weight, sleep, and likely some hair as President Trump’s Chef de cuisine for just about everything. He’s battled Stephen Bannon’s trolls who call him a “cuck” (among other less palatable terms they use for Jews); he’s endured the liberal press dubbing him hopelessly inexperienced and incapable of the tasks in his portfolio.

And now the New York Times Magazine has gone after Kushner’s business, portraying him as a heartless slumlord. For the sake of God’s green earth, leave him alone. His job is hard enough.

Using teary-eyed narrative and cherry-picked storytelling, Alec MacGillis pounded out the sad story of low-income tenants in developments and apartments now owned or managed by JK2 Westminster L.L.C., proprietor: one Jared Kushner.

Kamiia Warren still had not paid the $4,984.37 judgment against her by late 2014. Three days before Christmas that year, JK2 Westminster filed a request to garnish her wages from her in-home elder-care job. Five days earlier, Warren had gone to court to fill out a handwritten motion saying she had proof that she was given permission to leave Cove Village in 2010 — she had finally managed to get a copy from the housing department. “Please give me the opportunity to plead my case,” she wrote. But she did not attach a copy of the form to her motion, not realizing it was necessary, so a judge denied it on Jan. 9, on the grounds that there was “no evidence submitted.”

J2K Westminster does what real estate management companies do: collect rent. They use debt collectors to go after tenants who owe money on leases where the tenant moved before the end of the lease. Most of these leases were from before Kushner’s company purchased the properties, but part of the purchase is the written-down assets and liabilities associated with the units.

Were some of the cases unfairly adjudicated or relentlessly pursued by debt collectors? Certainly. Debt collection is a big business. Does that make Kushner a monster? Only if you want to turn people from his father-in-law.

Leave the man alone.

He’s not even remotely a conservative, or a native Trump backer. Were it not for his wife Ivanka, Kushner would be far, far away from the Trump phenomenon, and the liberal media would be singing his praises.

They’d be gaga over Kushner’s Harvard education, his NYU MBA and law degree. The fact that while at Harvard, he turned a $20 million profit buying and selling real estate in suburban Boston. That he partnered with George Soros to recover from the 2008 real estate collapse.

But because he’s one of President Trump’s closest advisors, he has to be a monster.

Very few of the complex residents I met, even ones who had been pursued at length in court by JK2 Westminster, had any idea that their rent and late fees were going to the family company of the president’s son-in-law. “That Jared Kushner?” Danny Jackson, a plumber in his 15th year living at Harbor Point Estates, exclaimed. “Oh, my God. And I thought he was the good one.”

The liberal media knows they really love Jared. But because of his family, they have to try to destroy him. It’s disgusting.

There is no reason to go after Kushner’s companies except to discredit him in the White House, and by extension his father-in-law. Daddy Trump offers all the challenges (and more) the press could ever come up with.


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