Liberal Money at Work: Jon Ossoff Rejects Single Payer Healthcare. Favors Republican Approach to Increase Market Competition.

Nationally, Jon Ossoff has become a fundraising juggernaut as liberals in California pour money into the congressional race in Georgia. But the way Ossoff fundraises nationally is completely different from how he campaigns in Georgia.

Liberals nationally would have you believe his victory will be a win for progressives. But given every opportunity, Ossoff systematically rejects the progressive agenda in addition to never attacking the President. It is funny to watch the great white hype that is his national buzz compared to the actual on the ground candidate.

Above is the WABE debate where, when confronted with the idea of single payer, Ossoff not only dismisses it, but says he favors increasing market competition by working across the aisle. That, you will recall, is the Republican approach to healthcare. By stimulating competition, prices will come down. This is what liberal money buys.

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