Liberal Objective? Conservative Subjugation

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. Proverbs 24:10

The term “fog of war” seems particularly apropos this morning. In fact, it seems to have been accurate since the Fast & Furious scandal, and that fog has escalated post inauguration by an order of magnitude.

The shock of the election immediately turned liberal Clinton supporters, progressive Sanders devotees, and those who worship Obama into a snarling pack of hyenas. Predators casting about not so much for food, but rather only content with the blood of their kill.

One can’t be faulted for the very normal assumption that The Resistance’s white hot irrational rage would cool over time, allowing our capital city to retreat back into a simmering stalemate. Working with the Republicans on some issues, pushing back on others, but overall; more of a status quo than not.

It should be painfully obvious to even the most casual observer that legislative status quo is not achievable while President Trump is in office. As a matter of fact, it will not happen if he leaves office and Vice President Pence takes the oath to be our new Commander-In-Chief, and it wouldn’t have happened if Sen. Ted Cruz R-TX had been elected. The Democrats are committed to dragooning every liberal, progressive and socialist into The Resistance, and resemble nothing more than crazed Cossacks charging the bulwarks daily.

Sadly, Republicans have spineless leaders, including a few who harbor ill will to our President, and look for every opportunity to knock him down a peg: (MarketWatch)

“We’ve seen this movie before. It’s reaching Watergate size and scale. … This is not good for the country”.  Sen. John McCain

These RINO bulls look and act more like ronin than a faithful samurai with honor and character, and exactly like the rogue warrior with no clan, they fight for whatever side benefits them most.

The important question today is ‘cui bono’,  which is latin for “who benefits” or perhaps better “who stands to gain”. That question is best answered by understanding the agenda for each actor in this tragicomedy:

  • MSM: Composed of liberal progressives, ensconced within the beltway cocoon, haughtily dismissing the great unwashed deplorable gun and bible rabble.
    • Their agenda is to coalesce liberal group-think, thereby influencing the thoughts and actions of the masses. In their minds, this is only achievable via a dominant Democratic Party.
  • Liberal Democrats: Clintonesque party hacks committed to the supremacy of the feminist agenda,  global expansion of the pro-abortion rule, and the blurring of the male gender.
    • These want two things: Power. Money. Both of which will deliver the levers of of big government enabling the accumulation of wealth via big money donors, Wall Street and global corporations.
  • Progressives: Liberals with a socialist conscience. These European wannabes have an active and militant hatred of our Constitution as well as of our history. This results in a type of self-loathing which produces bows to foreign leaders as well as abject apologies for that which makes America great.
    • Not content with just the liberal agenda, they want add federal control over the populous. Control over small business, control over housing, and management through federal regulation. Perhaps most dangerous, they want to eliminate capitalism almost in its entirety, erasing our ingrained competitive fire.
  • The militant gay community: Protective of their place at the table, determined to gain stature no matter the means.
    • Singularly focused on redacting all of human history with the goal of normalizing their version of gender identity. Not content with constitutional freedom of choice, they feel impelled to force any perceived dissidents into re-education by any means necessary.
  • RINO Squishes: Not conservative. Not liberal. Just moderate. No loyalty. No commitment to social values, just a commitment to longevity of office.
    • Eerily similar to “Neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm”, these self-serving hypocrite’s just dessert is to be spewed forth from the mouth of the Republican Party”.

Sadly, we have an imperfect highly flawed President. One who has produced fantastic results via appointments, Executive Orders, as well as continuing deregulation. A man who can’t stop giving oxygen to those gasping for breath, who doesn’t seem to realize at times, radio silence is necessary during battle.  Yet a man who has already done more to promote the pro-life agenda and rule of law than most could have hoped for. His Cabinet and SCOTUS appointments were truly commendable, and both the ongoing fight against federal regulation and illegal immigration is a joy to behold.

To the opposition, President Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. A cursory examination of their protestations shows no attention to his excellent policy, just a maniac singleminded focus on behavior.  Lyndon B. Johnson appears to have faded from their institutional memory, along with his brutish behavior.

What’s a concerned conservative to do? Acquiescing is not remotely an option, stooping to their level is disgusting and smarmy, yet akin to the style of terrorist, they apparently have no floor for decency. How does one fight back without losing their soul?

The only answer can be active resistance by the use of political capital. Denying it to those who betray our values, lavishing it upon those who step up to defend our beliefs. Don’t accept the MSM’s version on anything, reject anonymous sourcing, demand transparency and the absolute rule of law. If every Republican from the President down were totally inundated with phone calls, emails and tweets about the Clintons, Lois Lerner, etc., these guys would get the message in short order. Actions matter, because anyone can run an ad demanding we “build the dang wall!” or assume the tea party uniform during an arduous campaign; while shedding it promptly after Election Day.

Lastly, be prayerful and forgiving, gracious yet truthful. The refrain of a song rang through my head last night:

Many things about tomorrow
I don't seem to understand
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand

This was not ever supposed to be easy. The Resistance will not give up their bent agenda without a fight to the death. They will stoop to any low in order to inflict a wound, and will crow over every misstep and unforced error. If you thought it would be easy, and by now haven’t realized how difficult it really is,  then you just plain haven’t been paying attention.

Buck up. Fight on. Reject their false narrative, and remember: We know who holds tomorrow, and we know who holds our hand.

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