Liberals Demand a Do-Over Election

You just knew it would happen. Myra Slotnick, a self-described playwright from Provincetown, Mass, whose Facebook page features a photo of Hilary Clinton, has started a petition on demanding a “new vote.”

In light of recent evidence reported by the CIA, that the United States 2016 Presidential Election has been infiltrated and tampered with by the Russian government to elect Donald J. Trump, in collusion with the FBI, and abetted by widespread voting malfeasance and suppression, We The People of the United States demand a new vote on the 2016 Presidential election, to take place in Federal buildings, and overseen by the Federal Government.

Since Saturday, when the petition went up, over 76,000 people who don’t understand the U.S. Constitution have signed it.

The petition is addressed to President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the U.S. Supreme Court, none of whom have one iota of power or influence to carry out what these people want.

In order for it to happen, here’s what has to occur:

  • A member of Congress must introduce a new constitutional amendment, let’s call it the 28th Amendment, with begins with “The People may, by petition to the President, the Attorney General, and a majority of the Justices of the Supreme Court, demand to recall and invalidate the results of an election for President of the United States…” The rest of it would flesh out the “how” the do-over would work.
  • The proposed amendment would need to pass with 288 of the House of Representatives voting for passage, and 67 Senators voting “yea” when Republicans control both chambers.
  • The 28th Amendment would then head to all 50 state legislatures, with 38 states required to ratify it as law.
  • Then, Congress would have to pass a resolution authorizing the President, Attorney General et. al. to conduct the new election, and the President would sign that into law.
  • Only then would the “do over” actually happen.

Oh, and all of that would have to happen before noon on January 20, 2017. Since most state legislatures begin their sessions sometime within a few days of January 1st, it isn’t totally impossible, if everyone worked with speed.

One more thing–I almost forgot! Republicans control 30 state legislatures and 30 governorships, so Democrats like Ms. Slotnick are only 26 states short of passing this fever dream. Nice try though!

Knowing all of this, Myra signed a petition from M. Murphy from Cottage Grove, Oregon, asking Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sens. Charles Schumer and Bernie Sanders to “postpone electoral college vote and inauguration, pending investigation.”

Sigh. The 20th Amendment, Section 1: “The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January…” Do we have to review this all over again–maybe this time using puppets?

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