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Liberals Have An “IST” Addiction

Scanning the headlines over the past few days shows a liberal addiction to slapping an “ist” accusation on virtually every article, statement or action which runs counter to their progressive mindset.

At times amusing, often confusing, always irritating, liberals have taken this label typecasting to a true art form. Which is only fair, since they’ve been toiling at their craft for close to seven decades.

In fact it’s been so long, the very first “ist” is no longer in vogue. A groundbreaking label,  “chauvinist” has long since been shelved, but “chauvinist” truly performed yeoman’s work for some time.

Liberals realized the necessity of labeling via “ist” as the laziness of the mainstream media became more and more obvious over time. Their ability to control the press grew as their “ist” vocabulary increased, and over time it became a labeling arms race. The 24/7 cable news habitually fell into labeling overuse, which obviously created diminishing returns, thereby necessitating newer and more creative “ist”.

Now there are your run-of-the-mill “ist” practitioners, and then there are the Hall of Famers. Hillary Clinton is the quintessential Babe Ruthian icon, being established as such early in her public presence. She has certainly had a long and distinguished finger pointing career.

But to be fair, she was led into it and was mentored by the transcendent Lord Voldemort of buck passing, the cigar wielding Arkansan Lotherio, Bubba Bill Clinton himself. In his prime, He Who Must Not Be Named could run circles around Republicans, not to mention his own cabinet and White House interns.

Subsequent to the latest president election, liberal brooding has shown they cannot be monogamous in their labeling affairs. Nope, in fact given the briefest of chances, they seem to have a fondness for serial multiple labeling.

If you are male and voted against Hilary, then you are a sexist. If age was a factor, then you are an ageist. If you were Herman Cain, then you are a racist, and if you are a lady who voted for Trump, then you must be antifeminist. Basically, a vote against Hillary was proof you’re an “ist”.

But wait, there’s more. Last this week, the defense for Sen. Bob Menendez trotted out the dubious legal theory that the prosecution was persecuting him for being Hispanic. Bam. Racist. Not a corrupt politician, just a victim of governmental racism.

Lets not forget the current labeling craze, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Antifa organization. According to them, if you’re not Antifa, you’re a fascist. Which is evidently bad, notwithstanding many notable fascist have been quite adept at making the trains run on time.

We can’t ignore former president Obama. If you ever doubted our former president’s birthplace, or wondered about his hidden college transcripts, or questioned his choice of jeans, then you are a fringe theorist. Now that’s a scary one, get that label hung on you and you might was well go out and buy industrial strength tin foil. You’ve been “ist” labeled, or to quote Bill Engvale “Here’s your sign”.


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