Liberals Who Wanted James Comey Fired Get Their Way. Now They’re Attacking Trump For Firing Comey.

Liberals across America have wanted James Comey fired since the moment he let slip details of Hillary’s email server. In fact, Hillary Clinton recently said if the election had been held a week earlier, she would have won. She blamed James Comey’s handling of his letter to Congress that distracted the campaign.

Liberals have been out for blood ever since.

Today, they got what they wanted. James Comey was fired.


Now they’re claiming Donald Trump did it because James Comey was investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.

The President cannot win. He gave liberals exactly what they have demanded and now they are attacking him.

Ironically, the President fired Comey because of his testimony about Hillary Clinton’s emails. The FBI has had to inform Congress that Comey got the details wrong.

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