Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson announces plans to run for U.S. president seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party during an interview in Santa Fe, N.M., Wednesday, Jan. 6 , 2015. (AP Photo/Morgan Lee)

Libertarians Should Go With Austin Petersen

Faced with a torn electorate, Republican reluctance to solidify behind Donald Trump, and the ability to stand out from the crowd, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has named former governor Bill Weld as his potential running mate.

It is a tone deaf pick that shows Johnson has learned nothing and is not really serious about being a candidate beyond the fringe.

Libertarians have the opportunity to have a huge impact on the Presidential race in 2016, but not with Gary Johnson. The alternative is Austin Petersen.

Petersen has his flaws. He has some views outside the mainstream, but then what Libertarian doesn’t? He would certainly be a candidate more likely to be build bridges to disgruntled voters than the perennial candidate Gary Johnson. Johnson, having flamed out in the Republican primary last go round then flamed out as the libertarian nominee. He just keeps running without learning any lessons.

Austin Petersen would be a fresh start and a lot of Republicans would potentially take a fresh look at Petersen. Couple him with a very strong, credible vice presidential candidate and the Libertarians might finally be the third party America needs for disruptive competition.

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