Like Reagan and George W., Ted Cruz Just Did Something That Matters

Ted Cruz has $50 million and he got it mostly from small dollar donors.

To date, roughly $13 million of the campaign’s money has come from large donations; another $37 million has been raised via a grassroots operation, including digital, phone and mail solicitations. Cruz’s feat is all the more unique because most of his bundlers — roughly 70 percent of his top 20, a campaign source estimated — had not previously raised money for a presidential campaign. The source was not authorized to speak on the record, but agreed to anonymously share details of Cruz’s fundraising operation with RealClearPolitics.

That is significant because typically the person with the most small dollar donors wins. Reagan and George W. Bush both were able to win the GOP’s nomination by winning with small donors.

The offset here, however, is Trump. He is not raising money actively from small dollar donors and makes this race more unique. But this is a good sign for Cruz that he has staying power.

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