Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC. speaks at the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Legislative Conference and Presidential Forum in Washington, Tuesday, March 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Lindsey Graham Jokes About Murdering Ted Cruz

As Ted Cruz noted on the stage last night in Houston, his Senate Republican colleagues would vastly prefer Donald Trump because they find Donald Trump malleable. In fact, Trump agrees, saying he could cut deals with the Democrats and Republicans.

Last night came more evidence that Cruz, not Trump, is the one who would make Washington pay for what it has done to the middle class and blue collar voters.

Lindsey Graham, speaking at a dinner, joked about murdered Ted Cruz and admitted the Senate would give the murderer a pass.

It’s a hell of a thing that a sitting United States Senator would joke about murdering a colleague, particularly one running more successfully for President of the United States.

Lindsey Graham should apologize today.

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