Local DC Restaurant Offering Free ‘Nothing Burgers’

Are you in the D.C. area today looking for a cheap meal? Restaurant chain Z-Burger is offering free “Nothing Burgers” at its Tenleytown neighborhood location today from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Don’t expect to get stuffed, however. The “Nothing Burger” is a simple plain burger – just a hamburger patty and a bun. The limited offer also comes with a veggie or turkey patty for you health-nut types.

Speaking to Politico, Z-Burger’s CEO Peter Tabibian explained: “For years, when someone ordered a plain burger, I have always yelled out the order as as ‘nothing burger’ to my cooks, so I think that I actually invented the term.”

Of course, the move by Z-Burger is in reference to the controversy surrounding alleged Russia/Trump collusion. Democrats have frantically tried to find a connection between the Trump campaign and Kremlin-connected individuals. White House staffers and Trump allies have referred to the accusations as a “nothing burger.”

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