LOL! Cosmo Magazine Gives Constitutional Lesson and it Backfires

Cosmopolitan magazine, which is known for its articles on fashion and  relationships, got into an online controversy yesterday when they published an article attacking the legal philosophy of Originalism.

The article was published during the Gorsuch hearing and was titled, “9 Reasons Constitutional Originalism is BullSh*t.”

The article claimed that Originalists – those that adhere to the original meaning of the Constitution – are hypocrites, racists, and wrong because, the author claimed, “not even the founders were originalists.”

“Originalism” is a farce, something no judge in American history has adhered to — including the theory’s biggest proponents. Instead, it’s a rational-sounding cover for a more insidious set of right-wing beliefs, a way to allow rampant discrimination against actual people while protecting the interests of corporate “persons” and promoting the extreme ideologies of lobby groups. It’s a philosophy that deserves no place on today’s court.”

The whole article is completely undermined, though, when the author declares, “Of course the Constitution should be interpreted as it is written.”

This caused conservatives on twitter to have at it.

The article was also attacked for falsely claiming that at the time the Constitution was written, handguns didn’t exist.

Cosmo Magazine later updated its article to say that semi-automatic handguns did not exist in the 18th century. However, the damage was done and this certainly backfired on Cosmo.

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