LOL! HuffPo Editor Wants Liberals To Stop Being ‘Polite’ And Start ‘Raising Hell’

Michaelangelo Signorile wants liberals to “stop being polite and immediately start raising hell.” That’s what the HuffPo “Queer Voices” editor wrote Thursday.

It’s time to move beyond polite protests within specified boundaries. It’s time to escalate the expression of our outrage and our anger in a massive way.


Does he mean polite like in Berkeley? Or polite like at Trump’s inauguration?

Does he mean boundaries like public streets, or does he mean liberals should swarm Republican lawmaker town halls and public appearances? Like Rep. Tom McArthur? They were so polite.

Or Rep. Andy Harris. Or the centrally-organized mob that “shouted, screeched and heckled” during the opening prayer at Sen. Bill Cassidy‘s town hall.

Protesters have been disrupting GOP town halls across the nation, causing enough ruckus that many GOP lawmakers are skipping their own regularly scheduled town hall meetings to avoid facing the agitators.

They also showed up to boo God at Rep. Dave Brat‘s town hall just this week.

I guess that’s still too polite for Signorile. What he really wants is for all liberals to galvanize like he remembers from 30 years ago, when ACT UP brought AIDS to the forefront.

There were many die-ins, and many sit-ins, and traffic was stopped over and over again in cities across America. We were called every name in the book, but there was so much at risk and we had little to lose. ACT UP persevered and changed the course of history, a story that has been told many times in recent years.

Funny, but I was around in the 80s and 90s and don’t remember ACT UP being able to overthrow President Reagan or Bush 41. Sure, they made news, and certainly, AIDS was a problem that needed to be addressed, but trying to equate President Trump with AIDS awareness is a more than a bit of a stretch.

What Signorile really wants is mass civil disobedience. But honestly, people just don’t care enough. Even liberals are content to simply post on Facebook or tweet their discontent. Only the hard core unemployed, students, or professional agitators actually have time to march. Everyone else is too busy working and living their lives.

It’s really laughable that liberals believe (a) that they’re being polite, and (b) that their juvenile anarchist stupidity makes any difference at all. If liberals wanted the America they purport to want (and it’s not clear at all anyone wants that dystopian nightmare), they should have run better candidates than the criminal-minded Hillary Clinton and loopy Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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