Lott’s Grow Back

Observing him during his stay as Senator Majority Leader, I often thought Trent Lott had lost the two jewels of maledom. In a dispute over the ratio of committee staff, Lott’s have apparently grown again.

“That was in place during the many, many years of Democratic tyranny”

See, regardless of their majority, the Democrats always controlled two-thirds of the committee staff. Now that they are in the minority, they are crying foul at Republican plans to do the same.

That’s why I say the Republicans should go ahead and use the nuclear option for filibusters. I do not believe that, if they ever take the Senate again, the Democrats would hesitate to use the nuclear option in the face of Republican opposition. They’d be aided by a willing media all to eager to run stories about the judiciary in a crisis justifying the use of the nuclear option.

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  • “Don Ritchie, associate Senate historian, said that between the mid-1970s and 2001, the majority party controlled two-thirds of committee resources.” I’m old enough to remember when the GOP had to sit in the back of the Congressional bus, held there by Demo majorities who simply chose to ignore basic fairness for the sake of power. Now that they are not the majority, and in fact, a shrinking minority, the Demos are in need of reality therapy. The kindest thing Frist could do would be to govern as a majority leader should. By exercising his power fairly, yes, but also by behaving as if he and his party are the majority party. The ‘Crats set the example in those decades referenced above. Point is: I believe America elected the GOP to govern, no matter how much the minority Democrats whine and cry. That includes exercising the nuclear option if needed — 55-44 is no even split.