Louise Mensch Fact Checks Her Own Twitter Bio: 100% True

Louise Mensch, founder of the now-dead blog HeatStreet, which became too hot for even Rupert Murdoch to touch, has fact-checked her own Twitter bio and found it to be 100 percent true.

Her bio currently reads: “‘Unhinged British witch’ ‘a textbook succubus’- Russian Insider.” If you check our her Twitter timeline, that statement leaves nothing to imagination.

Just browsing through her voluminous and unbroken stream of paranoia gives me the same vibe as reading Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto, except that was more coherent. Does she even sleep? It’s like she’s channeling a meth-addicted Jill Stein campaign aide (or maybe not “channeling“).

Lest sane people start to ignore her lunatic, attention-craving ravings, she tweets things like this:


Mensch has been pushing this #PIMPOTUS hashtag for days. These allegations make Obama birther conspiracists look orthodox and empirical by comparison. Even Bill Clinton would blush at this garbage:

And Mensch is deep, deep into this, up to her crooked, pointy, wide-brimmed hat.


For the record, let me state, for the sake of sanity: If the President of the United States was a child sex trafficker, I think there’d be ample reason for the DOJ, and Congress, to act upon it.

It’s awful that someone like Mensch has descended into full lunacy. It’s shameful that she has over 260,000 Twitter followers,that TwitterAudit reports are 95 percent “real.” (By comparison, @realDonaldTrump has 45 percent “fake” followers.)

People who follow Mensch be warned: You’re following a bat-guano crazy, glazed-eyed, mentally ill person whose last sinew of connectedness to reality is frayed to the point of breaking.

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