Louisiana’s Governor

It was all off the record, but I can say I had dinner last night with Bobby Jindal, who I hope will be Louisiana’s next governor. He will be awesome.

I know a good number of friends and family from Louisiana read here, so pay attention:

You must do whatever you can under the sun to help Bobby Jindal.

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  • This is to the Louisianna readers that may be reading this blog from a very skeptical Georgia Christian. I would have a hard time voting for someone to be governor of the state that is getting most of his $2 million plus contributions from Indians that do not reside in Louisianna, and I am always skeptical of someone that coverts to any form of Christianity while in college when pursuing a political career. Are there not any Christians to vote for other than someone that convertied from Hinduism in Louisianna at such a time in their life? Sorry folks, but I do not buy such conversions.

  • Will the entire Louisianna state government be outsourced to India? Come on folks elect some people that are at least six generation Americans to be governors!

  • Quick question for you Linda:

    Did you decide to Bigot-Size the value meal you ate before you decided to write your last two comments?

    Nice touch questioning his faith, though. It’s refreshing to remember that one should incessantly remind everyone of their relationship with Christ on every comment, no matter what the subject.

    Let’s see…Rhodes Scholar….Louisiana Secretary of Department of Health & Hospitals at 25….President of the University of Louisiana System at 28…Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation at age 30…US House of at 33. Sounds like someone who has actually worked for a living.

    But I guess it’s more American to take an Ivy League Law School grad that is 6th generation born. Because we are sorely lacking of those types in Washington right now. And the few that are there…well…their track records are super.

    I hope that this American born guy with a record of accomplishment doesn’t cause you to lose sleep at night just because he isn’t “American” enough or “Christian” enough for you. Next time, take a minute do some research before you “fast food” in your comments.

  • Well Drew, I prayed about what I thought of this Bobby Jindal before writing anything. The Lord guides me, and I decided that I have an obligation to speak up. It is time that people take a stand for what America means to European Americans that are being displaced by people like Jindal’s family.

    He is in the public arena, and he is putting his life out there for people to learn about him. It is ok to question whether or not a Mormon is Christian enough for us, look at an earlier post by Erick on the subject. All of the credentials that you list mean less to me than the fact that I am weary of Indians or any other minority group of people buying elections!

    If I lived in Louisianna, I would vote for a Democrat before I would vote for someone that changed his name to sound more American and does not get donations from people like me!

  • Ask the displaced white engineer that is out of a job because Jindal’s father got special priviledges. Either you are with us or against us, and you young elitists are destroying the United States with your delusions of grandeur and with your brain washed mentality that it is ok that money buys political offices.

  • “But I guess it’s more American to take an Ivy League Law School grad that is 6th generation born. Because we are sorely lacking of those types in Washington right now. And the few that are there…well…their track records are super.” Said by Drew

    No Drew, why don’t you back someone from the Louisianna National Guard that did two or three tours in Iraq. And came back to help his family after the hurricane, but had to desert his family to go clean up the filth in the dome and sweep up the slimy streets of New Orleans, while you enjoyed your time leisure time. I am not suggesting an Ivy League governor, as I am suggesting a real American hero for governor of the state. You would not have to hunt very long for such a person because there are many worthy of the position. They have done there time fighting for the America that you want to give away to what I consider to be a foreigner. Wake up and realize that you and others like you are giving away our United States with every passing day!

  • Let’s see…Rhodes Scholar….Louisiana Secretary of Department of Health & Hospitals at 25….President of the University of Louisiana System at 28…Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation at age 30…US House of at 33. Sounds like someone who has actually worked for a living. a quote by Drew

    Response by Linda: No, this sounds like a person that has special rights granted because there are those that trample on people such as myself “the silent majority” that is being displaced in the United States because money is power. How much do you stand to gain, Drew, for your backing of Jindal? What is your price? Everyone has a price, except someone like me that has the nerve to speak up. So, I suppose you have no problem with the majority of contributions coming from Indians out of the state of Louisianna that are more than likely not Christians?

  • No, this sounds like a person that has special rights granted because there are those that trample on people such as myself “the silent majority” that is being displaced in the United States because money is power. How much do you stand to gain, Drew, for your backing of Jindal? What is your price? Everyone has a price, except someone like me that has the nerve to speak up. So, I suppose you have no problem with the majority of contributions coming from Indians out of the state of Louisianna that are more than likely not Christians?

    Linda, I am profoundly disappointed in you. You have bought the racial myth drummed up by the Democrats.

    Did you know that Bobby Jindal is a native born Louisianaian — he’s not an immigrant. Must he exclude himself because of his skin color?

    Did you know that when he was the youngest Secretary of Hospitals in Louisiana he cut close to a billion dollars in the system by rooting out corruption, greed, and redundant services?

    Did you know that he was THE ONLY advocate of free market healthcare reforms inside the Bush administration when he worked there?

    Did you know that his parents nearly disowned him when he converted to Christianity?

    Did you know that he was elected in 2004 in a nearly all white Congressional District with over 60% of the vote — a larger margin than the President got in the same district in 2004?

    Did you know anything about Bobby Jindal before you went on your racist tirade? Did you know anything about his dirt poor family raising him in Louisiana? Did you know how his father worked himself near to death to avoid the American welfare system? Did you know anything other than that his last name sent shivers down your spine because it was not a normal English name?

    That is shameful. Bobby Jindal has been and is an outspoken champion of conservative ideas and an unapologetic Christian. But I guess you can’t see beyond his skin color.

    BTW, Jesus was a Jew. Guess you better ditch him too. Clearly he’s a Zionist plotter.

  • Erick,

    Why is it that you criticize a Mormon such as Romney, but then throw bombs at a Christian such as myself that went forward in a Baptist church at the age of eleven? I was raised dirt poor too, and raised myself without a mother and was the oldest of two sisters. I missed out on oppurtunities because I was not a minority.

    I merely did a Google search to find out who Bobby Jindal is. If he cannot keep his Indian name, and converts to Catholicism (the majority religion in Louisianna) when rising in the political arena then that causes me concern. Like I said, I prayed about it last night when you first posted this after I had read what others are saying online. Jesus says to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I am. There are many things happening in the United States right now and in Israel and all around the world that go right along with Revelation. Now, Erick, you cannot have your cake and eat it, too. If you can criticize a Mormon then surely you can stand for a Baptist to question someone that converts from Hinduism to Catholicism so late in life. Besides, you are missing the most crucial point of my debate. I am concerned that his contributions come from Indians outside the state of Louisianna.

    The GOP is racist when it needs to be, and also against women advancing in politics. The GOP is just as guily as the Democrats for selling out America to the highest bidder. Don’t tell me about someone being raised dirt poor because you do not know anything about the life that I lived! I could not get a grant or a scholarship because those of us that graduated in the seventies were victims of affirmative action that put us at the back of the bus! But you know what, my husband and I made it despite the discrimination that the poor white race had to endure. We are survivors.

  • And you don’t have to worry about me ditching Jesus because he has been my Lord and Savior for years. Jesus warns you and me to be wary of those that come in his name, but you are blinded by your political career. The prize is the dollar bill for those that do not see the truth.

  • He decided to be called Bobby when he was four. It stuck.

    I’m happy for you to question the conversion. However, your focusing on his race and contributions seems to indicate your true focus.

    He did not take contributions from foreigners. He took them from American citizens — the law allows nothing else.

    So these folks have a lot of pride that an American of Indian descent has done well. Is it any different from a Jewish person supporting a fellow Jew. Or how about Irish immigrants supporting their own? Or Southerners supporting Southerners?

    It sounds like you are harboring a lot of anger toward Bobby Jindal because you perceive him to have gotten opportunities due to his skin color that you did not have.

    While he might have, though knowledge of his real record would show otherwise, you have to deny his tenure in government to say he is (A) not a conservative (B) not a Christian and (C) not committed to the ideals of this country.

  • Why don’t you try moving to Pakistan and running for political offfice, and see how far you get? Why do we have to settle for whoever can raise the most money to be elected to office? Why don’t you work to get someone like a veteran of the Iraq War to be elected by helping to raise money for him or her? I am going to send out emails to my military contacts, and I will see if I can get a grassroots effort to get someone elected to lead the state of Louisianna that has fought for the liberty of our Country!

  • Are you hearing yourself?

    He is *born* and *raised* an American citizen. He is as much an Indian as my dad is Swedish — a native citizen of the United States whose parents were immigrants.

    Okay, I’ll grant you, he’s not a veteran. Neither is Blanco, his opponent.

    Quit dodging the issue. You’re judging him on his skin color and his parents’ nationality. You are not judging him on his positions, his principles, or his faith — the three things on which, were you to judge him on, you’d see that you and he are in vast and overwhelming agreement.

  • We are different, Erick, for sure. My roots go back to before the Declaration of Independence was signed. I have the blood of a patriot running through my veins, and American to me will always be European American. I am unapologetic for my beliefs, as many have shed blood in my family for me to speak what I believe in my heart and soul. Our history is being erased, and you and others like you do not see the writing on the wall.

  • Drew,
    Thank you so much for finally calling Linda out on her racist-bigot comments. As Erick said, I am profoundly disappointed, although not surprised in the least bit, that she would say such garbage. It’s time to raise the posting standards for the site to weed out this kind of insanity, hostility, and bigotry.

  • Dear Christy,

    I wonder how many 711 store owners and Howard Johnson owners sent you get well cards when you were sick? I believe in the First Amendment, and Erick does too, unless someone speaks against what he is writing. I do remember the slander against Romney and the Mayor’s conversion to Islam (which I am not happy with the Mayor either). All I speak is the truth that 85% of European Americans feel in their hearts, but are too much of cowards to say it publicly or should I say or not with me posting on blogs. Trust me, I have near 300 clients and they believe the way I believe, and they cannot speak up for fear of losing jobs. And they are not extremists! I will not waste my time on this issue here, as I will let people that I can reach on my own know the truth. None of you can handle a debate. It is your way or the highway!

  • I am so profoundly disappointed in this. Truly disappointed that anyone would judge a man by the color of his skin than by his accomplishments and beliefs.

    It is quite, quite disturbing.

    It is not about being a European American or an Indian American or an African American. It’s about being an American — something that Jindal gets.

  • I hate to say this but some people’s opinions of the South are based on comments they read or hear about made by people like Linda.

    I’m glad the other posters were here to balance out the thread.

  • “Dear Christy,

    I wonder how many 711 store owners and Howard Johnson owners sent you get well cards when you were sick?”

    Yep. That about sums it up. Linda proves my point in her own words. Pitiful.

  • Well, Fap, I was born in Indiana and lived in Kentucky and now Georgia. I am still a Hoosier at heart, and the rest of you are hypocrites that say things behind closed doors that you would never say in public. I know the way it is, and trust me I did not fall off a turnip truck yesterday. This debate is about the conversion of an Indian to Catholicism to gain the votes of the majority religion in Louisianna (or that is what it appears to be), and it is mostly about contributions coming from non Louisianna voters, namely other Indians. Over two million dollars is what I read, so you can attempt to spin my words all you want, but I am not going to lose sleep over what you people try to cover up for you own $$$$$$$ earnings in life that keep you with invisible tape over your mouth and living a big lie. I see it as an attempt for Indian money to come in and rebuild New Orleans into a United States New Delhi.

  • Linda I’d respond but a fantastic movie named “12 angry men” did such a wonderful job I’ll just post a quote.

    Juror #10: I don’t understand you people! I mean all these picky little points you keep bringing up. They don’t mean nothing. You saw this kid just like I did. You’re not gonna tell me you believe that phony story about losing the knife, and that business about being at the movies. Look, you know how these people lie! It’s born in them! I mean what the heck? I don’t have to tell you. They don’t know what the truth is! And lemme tell you, they don’t need any real big reason to kill someone, either! No sir!

    [Five gets up from his seat]

    Juror #10: They get drunk… oh, they’re real big drinkers, all of ’em – you know that – and bang: someone’s lyin’ in the gutter. Oh, nobody’s blaming them for it. That’s the way they are! By nature! You know what I mean? VIOLENT!

    [Nine rises and crosses to the window]

    Juror #10:Where’re you going?

    Juror #10: Human life don’t mean as much to them as it does to us!

    [Eleven gets up and walks to the other window]

    Juror #10: Look, they’re lushing it up and fighting all the time and if somebody gets killed, so somebody gets killed! They don’t care! Oh, sure, there are some good things about ’em, too. Look, I’m the first one to say that.

    [Eight gets up and walks to the nearest wall]

    Juror #10: I’ve known a couple who were OK, but that’s the exception, y’know what I mean?

    [Two and Six get up from the table. Everyone’s back is to Ten]

    Juror #10: Most of ’em, it’s like they have no feelings! They can do anything! What’s goin’ on here? I’m trying to tell you… you’re makin’ a big mistake, you people! This kid is a liar! I know it. I know all about them! Listen to me! They’re no good! There’s not a one of ’em who is any good! I mean, what’s happening in here? I’m speaking my piece, and you…

    [the Foreman gets up and walks away. So does Twelve]

    Juror #10: Listen to me. We’re… This kid on trial here… his type, well, don’t you know about them? There’s a, there’s a danger here. These people are dangerous. They’re wild. Listen to me. Listen.

    Juror #4: I have. Now sit down and don’t open your mouth again.

  • Well, this is an interesting conversation.

    I should say that Linda has a point. When it comes to politics, like everything else in life, “follow the money”.

    It is true and has been our government’s policy to finance futures for immigrants rather than invest first in native citizens. Black Americans have a valid compliant in that too often our government has favored non-citizens far, far ahead of their interests in providing financial encouragement that would more quickly have integrated them into our economic mix and provided them a basis for future generations that could look forward to prosperity rather than living in ratholes in inner cities where the policies and politics of the Democratic Party has left them.

    BTW, is it a law that all convenience stores and motels must be owned by individuals of Indian descent? I know that sounds like I’m a bigot (Please someone call me a bigot and identify yourself as a left-wing nut case), but this comment is based solely upon personal observations by myself and millions of others.

  • There is clearly some kind of deep theological confusion going on here. How exactly do you get from Christian universalism to putting everything you’ve got into protecting “European Americans?”

    I just don’t think that attitude can be reconciled with the person or teaching of Christ at all. Not at all. Linda, I think you’ve got to decide which matters more to you, the Gospel or the furtherance of your particular genetic group.

  • Interesting question to me Linda. What do I have to gain supporting Bobby Jindal? What is my price?

    If you mean monetarily, I stand nothing to gain from his election. I do now work in politics. I don’t know anybody who works for his campaign and I will probably never meet Jindal in my lifetime. So, I would ask that you clarify your question such that I am able to ascertain what you mean.

    I am not quite sure where you get your numbers from. $2 million from Indian contributors? In the years 2005-2006, his campaign for the House has raised a total of $2,279,864. Given that he announced his run for Governor just 3 weeks ago, it would seem a bit unrealistic to beleive that he has been able to raise in 3 weeks what took him 2 years to do.

    You also expressed concern that his contributions are coming from out of state. Well, of the money he’s raised for his House bid, over 80% of it came from instate contributors.

    All of his fundraising stats are available on a website called opensecrets.org. Their numbers are very accurate.

    You see, I spent some time to actually go through his campaign records. And after scrolling through litterally hundreds of pages, I found out something interesting. You won’t find those mythical Indian supporters you’re so convinced are lining his pockets. Indian American Republicans PAC contributed a total of $250 to his House run. No exactly the types of donation that start the construction of United States New Dehli.

    Those are the facts that I have found. Your beliefs don’t seem to add up to reality. You aren’t sold on his conversation to Christianity. Fine. But your skepticism isn’t fact, it’s supposition.

    Your concern about his donations seems to lead you to believe the Indians are his puppet masters. The numbers don’t support that.

    You opined that you none of us can handle a debate. These are the facts. Do you have any of your own?

  • Linda, you need to slow down and actually READ what you are saying. Your opening comment, opening attack is more accurate, said:
    “getting most of his $2 million plus contributions from Indians that do not reside in Louisianna”.

    When Drew asked you to back up your comments, your response was to link to a 2003 story that opens by saying:
    “Of the nearly $1.17 million Jindal raised since mid-February, nearly $500,000, or 43 percent, came from out-of-state sources”

    Since this is the only source that you cite, how on earth do you take a story that says he raised nearly $1.17 million and magically change that to (in your own words — go back and read) $2 million plus contributions, then take the same article that you cite as your source of information, which states that 43% came from outside the state and change that to (your words again) most of his contributions came from Indians that don’t live in the state of Louisiana? Talk about fuzzy math. That is some interesting accounting, if I ever saw it.

    The word “most” does still mean more than half, right? According to the article that YOU cite, even if ALL of his out of state money came from people of Indian heritage (which it clearly did not), it still doesn’t account for more than half of what the article says he raised, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t account for more than half of the amount (more than $2 million) that you put forward.

    Can you not even read what you are saying and realize that you aren’t making sense? Just READ what you are saying. I have to hope that you don’t actually mean what you are saying. I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but frankly, you’re making it hard. It’s just unfathomable to me that anyone would read the initial post that reflected Erick’s positive reactions to meeting Jindal, and then go out of their way to say the things that you have said.

  • Christy,

    I found an article online last night that I failed to save that told the story about the Catholic conversion and $2 million raised from out of state. I have been trying to find that same article online, and have not had it come up in my online searching. I should have saved in my files, and I assure you that I am not one to make up numbers! I do not remember the website, and when I find the link I will be happy to post it for you. I have a problem like many other people with the Republican Party reaching out for groups of people that can be a saving straw for a failed Contract with America. We are supposed to be the party of individual rights, but is some minority group can generate millions of dollars for candidates, then it is another well for the GOP to reach into and to hell with the “silent majority.”

    There is not a week that goes by that I do not get some nomination as some Honorary Chairman for a the NRC wanting me to up as much as $2500 for this great reward for being such a Republican Activist. Well, what has the GOP done for us other than run up huge deficit spending and created immigration reform that goes unfunded. I am tired of being part of the European Americans shoved into the corner, until we are no longer allowed in our own country. I will borrow a quote from a writer on Vdare.com, “I want to be a blackjack dealer when we get shoved onto a reservation.”

    BTW, I am also a descendant of a great grandmother, Mittie Vest Means, that was half Cherokee Indian. Now, you want to talk about a group that has been discriminated against, give me a break.

    Let us summarize the debate here, we have an Indian that can get support from Indians of America or whatever the group is called and actively support anyone running for office. We have a conversion from Hinduism to Catholicism in a predominantly Catholic state, we have the GOP jumping on the chance to divide and conquer the state of Louisianna like ravenging wolves and is this what it means to be the United States of America. Is this what soldiers die for in every war to have two vicious parties scheming up ways to get 1.5 million Indian Americans motivated to put money into the political process. Gee they represent just 1/2% of our total population if you can count on the 300 million population we are supposed to have.

    We have relentless attacks on Christians in the United States, check out the Philadelphia law that is talked about on Worldnetdaily.com today, as a matter of fact. You can criticize me all day long because I want equal rights for all including my race, can you imagine that? You can criticize Mitt Romney for being a Mormon (funny how the left and the right do a good job of this).

    Christy, what do you think would happen if I purchased a website and called it European American Political Action Committee for the advancement of European Americans in political races statewide? How long do you think it would take before my website would be shut down?

    The sad thing is that many of you that do not honor the Lord at all with your vicious attacks with whom you deem it is your God given right to attack, come at me for questioning a person for what I perceive as just not copasetic (sp?).

    And Christy, remember that contributions that do not exceed a certain limit do not have to be reported (what is it $200). The bottom line is that if you read the article that I posted, a person at a University in Louisianna stated that his donations from outsiders far exceeded that of other candidates. You can nit pick, but again I did not make the number up that I posted last night. It was from a website, and not a blog. I do not like the idea of voters in New York, California, New York and Florida influencing an election in Louisianna and nor would I like it in Georgia. Do states rights no longer mean anything to the GOP now.

    The Indians are subsidized with buying motels, gas stations, Subway Sandwich Shops, 711 stores so I suppose they can afford to fund political candidates off my back and other taxpayers like me. I want the America back that does not grant this group and that group special incentives at the expense of another group, do you? The white race is so full of race guilt and self-hatred that it is eating away at our very core. And yes, Drew, Jesus loves European Americans, too!

  • And one other thing, my political knowledge goes back to the first election that I voted in when I lived in Kentucy, and that was when I voted for Jimmy Carter as did most people in this state, I assuem. I have seen the politics played since 1976, and I have figured out the game. We are played like a well tuned fiddle because it is money that buys power. Look up and see what group in America contributes 60% of the contributions to the GOP and to the Democratic Party equally. Do you really believe that you have a choice when you go to vote, any of you? You have not matured enough to see the big picture, and you just keep on getting fooled again like I did when I was younger, you know like the Who sings.

    We are living under corporate socialism right now, and we are so in debt that the United States is on the verge of bankruptcy. Political elections are just a side show to keep the stupid people (all of us), off track to think that when we vote we have a real choice. Why right now, we have the US Congress debating the Iraq War Resolution, we have soldiers dying daily in Iraq and the Fox News Propaganda War Channel has now become the tabloid news channel talking nonstop about Anna Nichole Smith. Anytime, we get into a crisis, attention is diverted away: Oklahoma City Bombing (diversion OJ Simpson); evidence tampering in McVeigh case (diversion Chandra Levy); Valerie Plame Case: Scooter Libby(diversion Supreme Court evangelical Christian Harriett Miers torn to shreds); Scooter Libby Trial (diversion Anna Nichole Smith). And the list goes on and on.

    So this is diatribe, but if you read it with an open mind you will see the big picture (maybe, maybe not depending upon your willingness to sort fact from fiction). The bottom line is that many people do not agree with Jindal for Governor of Georgia for reasons that most of you do not agree with. Thank you Christine and Davey for your posts of reason. At least there is some honesty left in the United States. God bless all, and I wish to you a very Happy St. Valentine’s Day! Yes, it is St. Valentines Day, and it is so named after a Christian that even secularist liberals celebrate but they drop off the St. LOL

  • Typo: was supposed to talk of Jindal for governor of Louisianna not Georgia from last post. Good night and Good luck.

  • I don’t even know what to say. Linda, it makes me sad that I was so wrong about you. We obviously disagree, and that is fine.

    I’m just disappointed that anyone who says they are in favor of equal rights for all citizens, and who I thought was a part of my same general faith group, could have such a completely different perspective on life. All I can say is that your comments have been an eye-opening experience for me, but definitely not in a good way.

    If nothing else, I guess I needed to be reminded that there really are people out there, people who I would have assumed believed the same things that I do, but who actually don’t think that our society is large enough for anyone and everyone who works hard and tries to be a part of the American dream. The issue of ethnic heritage is clearly more important in how you view or judge someone than it is for me. It’s sad that you would condemn a group of Americans based on nothing more than their ethnic heritage. It’s sad that you would minimize another person’s faith, when the obstacles this particular person faced to become a Christian (possibility of disownment by friends and family who were Hindu) meant that he sacrificed more than I can even imagine in order to become a Christian.

    Just plain sad.

  • And that, my friends, is all I intend to take of this thread.

    You may not like Bobby Jindal, but I’m dismayed by the attacks on him.

    Since this is my blog, I have the pleasure of having the last word and shutting down this terrible thread.