Mainstream Media & Bipartisan Corruption Created Trump. Here’s Proof They Haven’t Learned a Thing.

For decades, mainstream media cronies and their political allies were able to control both the domestic and international news narrative through selective reporting and spin. Then, out of the internet’s creation (thanks Al Gore), the information age was born. While still in it’s infancy, keeping undesirable stories and/or damaging facts out of the headlines was mostly successful. The bulk of the American electorate continued to rely solely on the traditional press for their worldview, and when expedient, the half-truths propagated by so-called journalists. Over the next 15yrs, that dynamic slowly began to shift. Every year that passed, more and more people gained access to the web and quietly discovered these inaccuracies by simply turning on their home computer.

According to Gallup, in 1999, overall public trust in media was 55% compared to 40% in 2015. Trust in the media continues to be significantly lower among younger Americans aged 18 to 49 at a measly 36%.

Technical innovation continued to boom, introducing consumers to even more-affordable computers then laptops; cell phones then smart phones; broadband then Wi-Fi; and iPod then tablets. For the first time in history, news around the world became effortlessly accessible within seconds. Brand-new media sources of all political persuasions began popping up as new websites, podcasts, and social media platforms evolved. To maintain their own relevancy, advertising revenues and grip over public opinion, network/cable news outlets, newspapers and magazines were painfully forced to adapt and thus compete with these new mediums.

Coupled with diverse, emerging new-sources were propaganda outlets, unreliable and unsubstantiated faux-news, gossip sites akin to supermarket tabloids, and fantastical bloggers out to prove any number of conspiracy theories. Confusion and frustration with unsubstantiated claims inadvertently caused the inception of partisan echo-chambers, and within those, willful blindness.

Old and new mainstream media continued to feverishly employ a range of outdated practices and new highly-effective tactics to enshrine their preferred political ideology into every level of government, corporate boardrooms, education systems, intelligencia and even pop-culture. All appeared to be going as planned— until the election of 2015-2016 when millions of enraged citizens put their support behind the one man openly cursing the media bias and political class corruption.

His rabid anger, by and large, seemed appropriate. Finally, someone powerful could see what was happening and wasn’t afraid to fight back. It did not matter that he was not always factual. For years the citizenry has busted US Government officials intentionally mischaracterizing the facts or bald-face lying, and those constitutionally entrusted to fact-check them by way of a “Free Press” weren’t always factual either. Underestimating the public’s sheer disgust with politicians and the press, the left-leaning media succumbed to both their addiction to ratings, along the pleasure it brought watching Trump terrorize 17 GOP competitors and the republican party nationwide. Supposing they could take him out before he did any real damage (to their interests), they donated billions worth of free media exposure to his campaign. As media attention and Trump’s support base grew, the more politicians, celebrities, and private sector figures across the political spectrum bestowed legitimacy to the idea of Donald Trump serving as President.

By the time anyone realized he was getting way too close for comfort, and therefore needed to be stopped, it was too little too late. Trump would become the GOP nominee. And sadly, just as many of us had long suspected, the GOP establishment feared losing their power over losing their decency.

Now, here we are. A turbulent narcissist might very well become most powerful man on earth. And, how does the US media and the political opposition respond? Just as expected, they’re attempting to wholly ignore, stall, spin and downplay any and all problematic reporting on Democrats. Exactly the same plan as before, but this time with more fervor in effort to destroy Trump. The problem is, that while many are “Never Trump”, the majority of GOP voters are not. So, although polls appear to show defeat now, will the media and political elite once again overstep the bounds of public tolerance and disrupt the current dynamic? Quite possibly.

Here’s an example: As social media is bustling with outrage over the treasure trove of cronyism and corruption uncovered, all of mainstream media was not. And, when they finally did, their short-lived indignation quickly shifted away from DNC and twisted into blame of Russia. Yes, they seriously expect voters to overlook the numerous incognito democrat-operatives posing as journalists in the media. Please disregard all those culturally insensitive and nasty things said by Democratic Party leaders when they thought you couldn’t hear. Hillary’s campaign immediately rescuing ‘disgraced DNC Debbie’ with a highly-coveted, make-believe role inside the deified Clinton machine is no big deal. Standard practice. And 42% of the party who supported Bernie by showing up at the polls, knocked-on doors, made calls, and donated their hard-earned money under the assumption he at least had a chance of winning? When can they expect their well-connected, powerful, multi-multi-millionaire gov’t insiders to emerge in defense of their faux-honor? Sorry, not sorry. Hear me lemmings? Get over it, All of it. Now “unite” as you’ve been instructed to beat Trump!

And, the GOP’s battle-plan? Capitulation, exile, and mass-defection to arguably the most dishonest, contemptable politician alive in the US today, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yesterday, it was over 50 GOP security officials who worked in the George W Bush Admin. Today, it was long-time Senator Susan Collins from Maine. Who will it be tomorrow… at this rate, God only knows.

The US electorate is fed-up with the corruption, nervous about their future, and concerned for their country. If the media sticks to their past behavior, they’ll once again risk Trump appearing as if he’s a champion of the people. Attacking every insensitive, unmannered and nonsensical thing Trump says, while practically ignoring legitimate scandals such as the $400M in unmarked cash to Iran, is dishonest and unethical. And the American people know it. Now more than ever before, the lack of impartiality and honestly in media coverage is gambling the fate of our republic. Let’s hope they prevent the world at large from resting in Donald Trump’s tiny hands.

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