Majoring On The Majors

If you’ve never heard the Imperial March from Star Wars played in a major key, it’s called “Vader’s Redemption” and it’s really quite shockingly bright and un-ominous. You see, even Darth Vader had some good in him, and when we get our majors and minors straight, hope rises.

We all need some hope right now, because America is playing minor keys in crescendo.

A hope-dashing blog piece in the New Boston Post by Kyle Reyes is worth a read. Reyes throws up his hands declaring “Enjoy your transgender bathrooms. We just lost America.”

While you were fighting over who should use what bathrooms at Target, we lost our country.

While you were arguing with coworkers over who would leave the country first if Trump/Clinton were elected, the “American Dream” perished.

Don’t believe me? Then perhaps ALL is lost. And I can prove it all to you through the eyes of a child.

He goes on to lament our disunity.

Have we ever faced a time when our country was so polarized? Have we ever faced enemies so dangerous? Have we ever been on such a precipice that a frightening and painful energy radiated through each of us, tying us together in some disturbing, unifying, powerful and yet simultaneously divisive way?

Umm, yes. It was 1860 through 1865, and we slaughtered our youth in a civil war, while a massive revival of Christianity was happening in both armies and much of the civilian population. God stirred the pot while we majored on majors, and redemption followed as millions of slaves gained their human freedom. (I say “human freedom” because God always saw them as precious, free people.)

Reyes then points out America’s hypocritical paradoxes.

We ignore the simple facts about our dangerously open borders and the lack of a vetting process for refugees, then we stand in horror as ISIS attacks and we ask our politicians how they could have let this happen. And then, of course, we put a fast lane in for more to cross the border.

We put in place more gun laws to prevent the bad guys from doing bad things. Because for some reason, we believe that bad guys give a damn about laws and that giving them an open shooting range on a military base or school campus will somehow protect our citizens. But then we completely ignore the massive problem of mental health in this country. We’re more worried about the tool than we are the person.

Really, this is the same problem rich, free, pampered self-directed societies inevitably hit. When providing dinner on the table, shelter over our heads, and health to our children is no longer the driving force in our energies, then we major on the minors. Red Starbucks cups. Bathrooms. Minimum wages.

At the end of his lament, Reyes, unfortunately, misses the point (although his call to prayer is heartfelt and correct).

We’re terribly focused on what matters to us as individuals. Marriage. Cell phones. Birth control. On and on and on. We’re so worried about what matters to “me” that we forgot that in order for us to have a “me” … we have to first have an “us.” A safe “us.” A unified “us.” An “us” that can at least find some kind of middle ground.

On some issues, there simply is no middle ground. Abortion is one I can immediately think of. Redemption comes through playing in the major keys. We can’t talk birth control without first talking about the moral evil of abortion. Then we can blame God for wars, sickness, and natural disasters. But if we reserve to ourselves the moral imperative of women killing whom they please for the sake of “birth control,” we lose the right to impugn God for His own purposes in placing expiration dates on our lives.

The problem isn’t that we have lost America, it’s that Americans have lost a coherent fear of God. We live as functional atheists, accepting some truths and rejecting others when they are inconvenient or difficult. Instead of failing to seek a middle ground, we’ve ceded far too much territory to those who believe in the incoherent contradictions of the atheist’s creed, which rejects all creeds.

British journalist Steve Turner’s famous poem “Creed” illuminates the pit we’ve fallen into because we’ve sought unity with those who believe this:

We believe in Marxfreudanddarwin.
We believe everything is OK
as long as you don’t hurt anyone,
to the best of your definition of hurt,
and to the best of your knowledge.

We believe in sex before during
and after marriage.
We believe in the therapy of sin.
We believe that adultery is fun.
We believe that sodomy’s OK
We believe that taboos are taboo.

We believe that everything’s getting better
despite evidence to the contrary.
The evidence must be investigated.
You can prove anything with evidence.

We believe there’s something in horoscopes,
UFO’s and bent spoons;
Jesus was a good man just like Buddha
Mohammed and ourselves.
He was a good moral teacher although we think
his good morals were bad.

We believe that all religions are basically the same,
at least the one that we read was.
They all believe in love and goodness.
They only differ on matters of
creation sin heaven hell God and salvation.

We believe that after death comes The Nothing
because when you ask the dead what happens
they say Nothing.
If death is not the end, if the dead have lied,
then it’s compulsory heaven for all
excepting perhaps Hitler, Stalin and Genghis Khan.

We believe in Masters and Johnson.
What’s selected is average.
What’s average is normal.
What’s normal is good.

We believe in total disarmament.
We believe there are direct links between
warfare and bloodshed.
Americans should beat their guns into tractors
and the Russians would be sure to follow.

We believe that man is essentially good.
It’s only his behaviour that lets him down.
This is the fault of society.
Society is the fault of conditions.
Conditions are the fault of society.

We believe that each man must find the truth
that is right for him.
Reality will adapt accordingly.
The universe will readjust. History will alter.
We believe that there is no absolute truth
excepting the truth that there is no absolute truth.

We believe in the rejection of creeds.

Let’s pray, certainly. But let’s pray that we return to playing the majors. Love the transgenders. Love the gays, lesbians, and all the other gender identity seekers in the every-growing spectrum of diversity. God loves them. Love those who wish to play God and take lives for their own convenience and “self-actualization.” Love those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44).

Love Vice President Biden, who congratulated the West Point class president for his “courage” at coming out publicly as a gay man. That act would be brave in Saudi Arabia, but hardly “courageous” 50 miles north of New York City in a military now comfortable with gay soldiers as “no big deal.” Nobody is going to kill Cadet Coleman for being gay. Love him anyway.

But we must not–will not–celebrate the sin which so easily besets us. We will not cave to incoherence in the name of unity. There is no fellowship between dark and light, though the souls of our brothers and sisters are precious to God, and therefore to us. We will not reject the creed of Jesus Christ our Lord.

For only in His name do we find our major key, and even the most hardened, evil sinner’s heart can find redemption there (mine did). For this, we pray.

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