Anti-Trump protesters block the streets following a rally and speech by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Albuquerque Convention Center where the event was held, in Albuquerque, N.M., Tuesday, May 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Make No Mistake, Violent Left Wing Protests Are Strengthening Trump’s Campaign

During Donald Trump’s campaign stop last night in Albuquerque, hundreds of left-wing protestors clashed with police and waved the Mexican flag, causing general disarray as they attempted to put a stop to the event. At DePaul University in Chicago, Breitbart columnist and noted Trump surrogate Milo Yiannopoulos had his speaking engagement cut short by Black Lives Matter activists who rushed the stage and proceeded to throw a temper tantrum that only a fine academic institution that encourages the free exchange of ideas could produce.

These two events occurring in such short succession beg the question: what exactly is the end game of these protestors? Trump has portrayed himself as a free speech warrior that will stand up to political correctness and left-wing bullying. The far left has responded in kind by attempting to bully Trump and his supporters into silence in the name of political correctness. If their end is to cast Trump as a fascist, their means have ironically produced the opposite effect.

Trump’s base is largely made up of disillusioned white voters from both sides of the aisle that have grown weary of the vitriolic anti-Americanism of such protests. Last night’s events, coupled with the recent chaos in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, only serve to further engender these voters to Trump’s brand of populist nationalism. These voters feel that their voices are being silenced by a brigade of aggressive left-wing culture warriors who no longer wish to hear opposing views in the public square. In many ways, these people are not wrong.

I oppose Donald Trump based on his lack of conservative credentials and the flimsiness of his moral foundation. But such tactics from the left cause me to sympathize with his supporters and his message. And I know I am not alone. If such activities are to continue for the next five months, more and more Republicans who would otherwise oppose Trump will warm up to him in order to oppose this Alinsky-style censorship. If the lines on the battlefield are drawn between Trumpian nationalism and anti-American self-loathing, most Americans will gravitate towards the side that at least dares to wave the flag.

And ironically, it could be the far left that ultimately delivers us a Trump presidency.

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