Making News Where There Is None

The Boston Globe runs a story today that Ahnuld, married to a Kennedy, might have to determine whether to parole RFK’s killer, who apparently is still alive and in jail. Not likely I say. Does anyone seriously think that anyone in their right mind will pardon or parole Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of one of this country’s most beloved political figures? Not bloody likely.

And who knew he was still alive?!

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  • It’s funny you call Bobby Kennedy “one of this country’s most beloved political figures.”

    My father (an Irish immigrant) once told me about a one-year stay he had in La Jolla, Calif., back in 1966. All he knew about U.S. politics was that JFK was considered a god back in Ireland. He was more than a little surprised to hear multiple people talk about Bobby Kennedy like he was Satan incarnate!

    RFK was a polarizing figure in his day–kind of like Ted Kennedy is now. One week before Bobby’s death, he’d lost the Oregon primary to Eugene McCarthy and he barely squeaked out a victory in California the night of his shooting. Plus, he was running pretty far behind Hubert Humphrey in terms of delegate votes for the Democratic nomination.

    At long last…my point? You’re right…RFK is beloved…now that he’s playing third base for the Heavenly All-Stars…