Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo considers polling results before conceding defeat for his party's nomination at a gathering to watch primary election results with his supporters in the west Denver suburb of Lakewood, Colo., on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Former U.S. congressman Bob Beauprez defeated Tancredo and two other hopefuls to earn the nomination to face incumbent Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper in the November general election. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Man Who Helped Destroy the Colorado GOP Blames Mormons

In 2010, Tom Tancredo played a very important role in ruining the Colorado GOP. He didn’t get his way within the Colordao GOP and, once it had its nominee, Tancredo bolted running a Trump style race. The Colorado GOP further imploded and Tancredo came in second, ahead of the GOP.

Tancredo’s sabotage was instrumental in the implosion of the Colorado GOP. So it is really rich to see him now blaming Mormons for Trump’s pending defeat. Trump is largely playing the Tancredo playbook from within the GOP instead of from without. He’s guaranteeing the party the same results the Colorado GOP had in 2010.

Tancredo catered to bigotry and demagoguery and left ruins in his wake. Now he turns to the bigoted alt-right to blame Mormons. Tancredo has never met a group he did not want to blame for his own losses. And let’s remember Tancredo left the GOP in 2010, running against it, before re-joining it and losing in 2014.

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