Man Who Helped Kill the Democrats Won’t Join The Corpses

This really is hysterical. Bernie Sanders played a large role in killing the Democratic Party this year. He was never a Democrat, but a socialist. He signed on to the Democratic Primary without ever having shown any loyalty to the party.

Many Sanders supporters never got over his loss and, consequently, sat on their hands for Hillary Clinton. They did not even turn up on election day. In fact, despite all the stories about fake news costing the Democrats the election, in some very close elections it could very well have been Sanders voters staying home that cost the Democrats places like Wisconsin and Michigan.

So now, having helped kill off the Democratic Party in 2016 and helped the GOP shift the Supreme Court to the right, Sanders officially won’t join the Democratic Party in the Senate.

Yes, you really should laugh at this. What an ungrateful little commie that guy is.

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