Many Millennials Refuse To Connect Radical Islam To Terrorism

A shock poll that is, quite frankly, not so shocking.

An online Daily Wire/Whatsgoodly survey asked students across the country, “Do you believe radical Islam has connections with terrorism?” The survey was conducted from June 6 to June 12 and included 1,489 students across the political spectrum. The results: 66 percent said “yes,” 15 percent said “no,” and 17 percent stated they were “unsure.”

Before we move forward, let’s make one point very clear. This poll did not ask students if they associated Islam with terrorism. It specifically asks if they associate radical Islam with terrorism. One-third of the students who responded (the survey has a margin of error at +/-3 percent) wouldn’t make a connection between the two.

Has liberal academia really taken us this far?

The breakdown of respondents and how they answered makes a little more sense.

Respondents who identified as “pro-Clinton” refused to associate radical Islam with terror by a tune of almost 40 percent (19 percent said no and 19 percent were unsure). On the other hand, almost 90 percent of “pro-Trump” college students connected the two – with “pro-Gary Johnson” students not far behind at 83 percent. Also, men were more likely to associate radical Islam with terrorism than their female counterparts.

The answers are certainly troubling, and come at a time when extreme liberal activism on college campuses has strangled universities across the country.

The University of Missouri has been forced to close numerous residence halls after the 2015 race protests there scared off prospective applicants – enrollment to the university has plummeted by the thousands. UC Berkeley literally becomes a war zone every time a right-wing speaker attempts to visit their campus. When Evergreen State College professor Brett Weinstein had the audacity to question the propriety of having a “no white people on campus day,” he was was forced to leave for fear of his safety by liberal student activists – kids carrying baseball bats have been spotted on campus “policing” the area.

Liberal activism on college campuses has gone from bad to worse, to absolutely insane. The poll conducted by Daily Wire/Whatsgoodly only confirms what we already know.

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