Marco Rubio Has Every Right to Defend Himself

Cruz and Rubio have decided to destroy each other in South Carolina and let Donald Trump have the nomination. That is their prerogative. Both are accusing each other of being liars, etc.

I do have to say though that politics ain’t beanbag and Marco Rubio has every right to hit back. You know what they call someone in politics who does not hit back? A loser. And right now, Marco has lost twice and needs a solid rebound out of South Carolina.

He has every right, when coming under relentless fire, to fire back.

But I have one caveat on this.

Rubio’s latest is an email that accuses Ted Cruz of being a liar. The entire email, however, dwells on an attack from a super PAC. Rubio’s camp uses this super PAC ad that was taken down in South Carolina as proof that Cruz is a liar.

But the super PAC is fire walled from Cruz, who has no control over the PAC or the contents of its advertising. Not only that, the pressure to withdraw the ads was more about political pressure than dishonesty. We can be sure of that because the ads were aired in Iowa repeatedly without complaint or incident.

If the Rubio campaign wants to attack Cruz for being a liar over Cruz’s statements, that’s fair game. All is fair is love and politics. But the Rubio camp risks being labeled as dishonest itself for attacking Cruz over a super PAC ad it does not control.

Cruz has given Rubio ample grounds to attack Cruz without this.

But, considering how hard the Cruz camp and related entities have been kicking the snot out of Rubio, perhaps the Cruz supporters should stop complaining that Rubio’s campaign is firing back.

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